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Scientist Ideal journey Rama to Krishna

16th October 2023 | 8 Views

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There was summer vacation in my college. This time when I was off from my teaching duty I was trying to summarise results which I and my able students  got from science problem on which we were working for last one year.

Certainly it was best time for me to read some spiritual books also. This reading assignment gave me very precious results on my mind soul welfare. At the same time I was eagerly waiting for my son Ashok to come home, who was on his assignment abroad.

At night while I was in sleep I had dream that I am taking to my son Ashok. I am listing the same below.

Mom-I am so proud son! that you are on the path, of becoming a eminent research scientist. How are things otherwise dear Ashok.

Son  Mom I am fine. It seems to me while in river of scientific knowledge boat, I do come across banks of evil, like war between nations. I wish to go towards divine shore, mom there are   clouds and rain in my journey. But it is such a pleasant surprise mom, I do get   wisdom in scientific life, between pleasure and pain.

Mom-son! as everything works because of science, please don’t slow down, your gain in pace, of scientific knowledge. With your scientific aptitude it is good you are enjoying teaching and learning every science concept with intentions good like lord Rama. Son please Keep active your drives and urge, For invention in science that’s what I sincerely wish for you.

Son– mom! in this auspicious journey, I have began to accept my deficiency,

I know good teachers, scientist and mentors to some length can hold their student and co -worker hand. I have also learnt mom! I cannot lean longer to anyone, If I wish to climb in field of science success ladder.

Mom  son! please remember materialistic presents are not promises. Your hard work with dedication is path best foe scientific progress. Son! please accept your short comings, with your head up and open eyes.

Son-Mom!  I have learnt mom that too much shine sun in my endeavour of science

can some time give me deep skin burn. So mom!  I am trying my best to build my own roads, to get scientific success.

Mom-son! plant your own scientific garden by decorating your soul like lord Krishna,

 teaching in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.

Son– mom, in scientific projects I learn and, apply every science concept in depth,

Which endure me and make me strong.

Mom-son! basic mantra is to learn, learn and learn and make others learn with good intentions. With every good bye to scientific project executed, in between please do observe silence and introspect my son !.

Mom-son! I am so happy in learning teaching journey faithfully you tried your best,

 to live your life imitating lord Rama, and in process evolved as promising eminent scientist.

Son- mom! I wish I could inspire love- scientific knowledge truth, among masses more and light path which leads our youth For future brightness.

 Mom now I am moving towards, near evening of my scientific life.  I wish I could follow teachings of Gita-Shrimad Bhagvad.  I am trying to imitate lord Krishna in scientific and personal life, forming good policies for scientific world, making serious efforts to fight for peace- humanity.

Mom -yes son! I am old in number age but when I look back I am so happy about your scientific Journey –  a process,  started with imitating lord Rama, observing science dharama  Which will remain incomplete till it ends, in lord Krishna-who sought adharama, destroyed it and established dharma ( mindful observation). I am sure son! with your honest efforts you will, be successful in completing your call, A mission-full of endeavours- scientific- journey.

Suddenly I could hear chirping of birds in my ears. Oh! my God I was doing fruitful scientific spiritual conversation with my son Ashok in my dream. I thanked God for same and soon realised science will be able to explain process of dream very soon I suppose. It was time to get up since it was morning—but whole day I was engrossed in my conversation with my son which was in dream—



Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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Web site-sukarma thareja

Sukarma Thareja



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