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16th October 2023 | 13 Views

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 I am retired associate professor of chemistry from India. I have two children daughter and son. I very humbly wish to share my parenting tips so that all interested parents get benefited from my experiences. I wish to state when I was teaching in college I always found myself equivalent to mother for my students, research scholars and tutors who helped me in teaching endeavors and science related endeavors research lab.

 To speak very frankly I trained myself so much so that I always kept positive sentiments toward students, researchers and my own children, that helped me to become positive teacher, researcher, administrator and mother. Even I could find some time to spend fruitfully in my home lab(kitchen) and in a way could transfer my cooking analytical skills to my children. I remained focused and still after retirement I have passion for science arts writing. I have published two poetry books to train young minds (Digital link of my books available on Amazon is listed below) so that they could face their complex life in future.




 I am listing my poem “Playing Odd-Rough Palms” below which illustrate the spirit of parenting 


Playing Odd Rough Palms


Don’t ask what are

 “rough palms” It is just not, Designation or job

 It is also not, Family income source

These “rough palms” Have flow right,

 With aims  And goals bright,

These palms make path, With fragrance sweet wide,

They are inquisitive,  like “water well” thirsty,

They are capable of bringing, moon to Earth while playing

in odds.


Rough palms act as friends,  Mother- Father to orphan head,

Sometimes when Playing in odd,

 These palms are no longer there,

 But still It seems, they are always with us.



For one’s well fare,These rough🤲 palms,

Change many formats they are neither,

Trees nor leaves, they act as manures,

 to deserving,   While playing the odd.




“Rough palms ” are like live  painting relations,

Of teacher taught,

They are like kites, which can keep one alive,

Whatever may be physical format,

Or appearance of these rough palms,

They always do the best  on Earth,

Even if they have to play, The odd on sky infinite.


Friends! “Rough palms “are hard,

Working parent woman scientist,

Working in research lab science,

 They are also teachers,

Mothers -sisters great.

Rough palms work tirelessly, solving hidden variables,

Equation of society-life, while at the time same, In their own life,

Playing with the odd, handling different type,hidden variables.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


To summarise I am also listing my 10 value tips for parenting which I have executed time to time in my life. And still I am passionate about them.


 1.should always have flow of positive energy  with clear aims and goals.

2.should be inquisitive in nature and must try to answer each question of kid.

3.should be thirsty to help children like thirsty “water well”.

4.should act as friends, to children and needed.

 5.should have many formats to help

They should neither be like trees nor leaves,

They should act as manures, to deserving.

6.behavior to kids should be like teacher taught,

8.should act like kites which could keep learners spirit alive and keep them going.

9. rough palms should work tirelessly solving hidden variables of day to day life involved problems to help kids and needy.

10. should at the same time be involved in solving Equations of society-life.


Kindest Regards

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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Web site-sukarma thareja


Sukarma Thareja



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