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As a dental student and a poet, this was my amalgamation (pun intended) of these 2 artistic subjects! An expression of a middle aged man who lost his partner a few years ago and is now reminiscent of her, while he is in a dental chair. His old restorations have become weak and rotten, as he associates his life and his current situation to the state of his tooth.

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A clunk of shard expelled from my mouth,

As I laid helpless and in despair

Just the way she took my chunk of heart

Utterly cruel and yet unaware.

That shard is killing me slowly,

And so is her memory

A broken frame on my bedroom floor

Keys left somewhere in a hurry.

My house feels empty, 

Numb the way my cheeks feel

“Everything can be fixed”, she said

And yet some scars never heal.

As my tooth is broken down,

Like morsels for the elderly

As it crawls into my blood

Painful, loud and then slowly.

She was like my amalgam, 

A sparkling, moonlit reform

Strong in my thoughts

And crippling in her form.

Now rotting away in a black tar,

She resides in my mind

Like the old letter messengers,

A rather feeble find.

As it detaches from my body,

My twenty-something friend

Making space for a kinder youth,

An old bond entitled to mend.

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