Does Medium Pay Indian Writers

Explained: Does Medium Pay Indian Writers in 2024?

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Toggle is one of the most popular places to start writing and earning money. But, does Medium pay Indian writers? Is it possible to become a profitable writer by using Medium? Can be a fulltime career for Indian writers? We are going to answer all these questions.

So, Does Medium Pay Indian writers? Yes, Medium technically pays Indian writers. But, government rules, Indian audience mentality, and poor earning tools make it challenging to earn money from Medium successfully.

You will learn why Medium Pay Indian writers really less money as well. Besides, you will get to know about one of the best Medium alternatives with highest pays to ensure you can become a great writer.

But, before that, let’s talk what is Medium’s Partner Program

Medium Partner Program in India

Medium Partner Program is the famous method used by Medium to help writers earn. Under this method you can connect your bank/Stripe account to Medium. You would earn in proportion to time spent by paid subscribers of on your content.

But, even before you can begin to earn, there are some hurdles. The eligibility criteria for joining Medium Partner Program and earning money are:

  • Minimum 1 story must be published on your account
  • Total of 100+ followers at the time of applying.
  • You should publish atleast 1 story every 6 months to remain a partner

Once you meet these criteria you can apply for Partner Program, wherein they may choose to accept you into the program.

After becoming a member, you can start writing metered stories, where you may earn money based on time spent by paid users of Medium.

 Does Medium Pay Indian Writers?

So, the acceptance process is no piece of cake. But, the actual issue comes when you have to Get Paid on Medium as an Indian writer. Let’s discuss.

Some of the major hurdles of Medium paying Indian writers are:

  • Rarity of Indians who take the subscriptions
  • High Taxation
  • Lack of monetization opportunities

Let’s discuss

Indians with Subscription

India is a budget-conscious market that loves freebies. Medium on the other hand is a platform that requires $5 joining fees. 

If you get accepted into Partnership Program, it would still be almost impossible for you to attract audience in India that actually brings revenue.

Sure, Medium pays Indian writers who attract viewership across the world. So, if you create content on evergreen topics or content suited for US, or other countries with Medium subscribers, you can really find success.

The lack of subscribing Indians make it a herculean task to gain reasonable earnings from Medium

Indian Taxations

Already your earnings would be scanty due to your unfavorable demographics, but things would worsen due to the Indian laws. 

You cannot directly receive earnings from Medium in USD. So, you’d have to use a Stripe account or some 3rd party services that lets you earn money in Indian Rupees, these services would have their own commissions, that would take a bite from your earnings.

Thereafter, the government of India imposes international tax, that result in a further deduction of 30%. Whatever left is recieved by you in your bank account, but even that has the standard income tax and GST charges, leaving not much on the table for you.

Lack of Monetization Opportunities

If you setup your own website or a content writing platform, you’d be able to have a greater control with ability to perform affiliate marketing, guest posts, conventional ads, and more. But, with Medium, you are limited to only the reader driven income.

This means it lacks money earning opportunities, and as a result, you are earning far less per view, compared to various other platforms. If you could use affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, you would have been able to easily earn money.

Solution: Best Alternative

So, we’ve already discussed the issues with Medium, this begs the question. How can you earn money as a writer?

Well, fortunately there are many new platforms coming up, that can help you earn, as Medium doesn’t pay Indian writers in 2024.

One such platform as Milyin. 

Milyin is an open-for-all free-to-join platform that helps you start earning right from Day 1. You can create a free account and get started instantly. 

It has lucrative monetization tools with ads and affiliate marketing that help you optimize your content for earnings.

With Milyin, you get instant withdrawals, so that you can get claim your earnings as and when needed. 

As Milyin is an Indian organization, the taxes are also far more relaxed. Overall, it is a far better option incase you are looking to become a profitable successful writer in 2023.

Conclusion: Does Medium Pay Indian Writers in 2024?

Yes, Medium pays Indian writers, but the pay is very less, and the excessive taxes make it a bad option to earn money. Instead, you should rely on Industry leading new generation platform to uplift your career as a writer. 

This most notably includes Milyin a platform best suited for all forms of Creators who intend to grow their audience and become successful. Milyin handles all performance, security, and SEO needs ensuring you can focus on writing and earning.

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Aditya MilyinLast Seen: Apr 13, 2024 @ 2:57pm 14AprUTC

Aditya Milyin


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