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Body Soul Dynamics-Science

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Body Soul  Dynamics -Science


When  ones inside bonds,

Are breaking and one is being rearranged,

One feels from inside that one has changed,

And inside is working with new body chemical dynamics,

For sure in one there are many chemical changes,

Friends because of these chemical changes,

Inside us we human beings, have reactions chemical,

Which make us digest, grow, heal, think and reproduce.


Whatever one do in life,

Friends dear there is also,

 prevails body soul dynamics,

When one take care and keep tap on ones,

Body-Soul chemical reactions,

Ionic bond, Covalent bonds, and coordinate bonds,

So to make one’s body- soul inside,

 Exothermic, endothermic reactions emotional quotient,

Remain balanced and one’s body -soul,

Remain grounded to earth noble,

And no one could subtract,

Any atom and electron from one’s body- soul,

Like zero numeral (0) of mathematics,

Where no one could subtract,

Any number from zero.

Friends dear this is,

 body soul dynamics,


Friends when zero numeral,

Stands with another number,

It increases another number,

 Value by many fold,

Similarly through  body soul chemical dynamics,

When stand one’s body-soul,

With any other unknown body-soul,

 one’s body-soul  dynamics induces chemical,

 Dynamics in unknown body-soul,

 Such a way that ,

Unknown personality body-soul,

 Dynamics impact increases,

 By tenfold, and become noble soul.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986

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