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‘Phoenix’s Flight: From Deception to Resilience’

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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In shadows deep, my heart did stray,

Aching whispers led me astray.

Was I foolish to trust your deceit,

Or blind to see the web you’d weave?

Love’s allure wrapped ’round my soul,

Blinded by a tale untold.

Did I stumble into your snare,

Unaware of the danger lurking there?

No time to cry, no time to grieve,

For I was fooled, too naive.

A flame extinguished in the night,

As darkness swallowed love’s last light.

Yet, in the depths, a strength did rise,

Resilience born from sweet demise.

With every tear that fell like rain,

I found the courage to heal the pain.

No longer chained by your false guise,

I spread my wings, I claim the skies.

Though wounded, I still hold my grace,

In the depths of my heart’s sacred space.

So, farewell to the shadows cast,

I break free from the bonds of the past.

In the echoes of a love gone wrong,

I find my voice, I sing my song.

No time for regrets, no time to weep,

For I’ve awakened from a slumber deep.

With wisdom earned through a bitter fight,

I soar into the dawn, a phoenix taking flight.

Rishika Singh



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