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What’s yours will make you wait!

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 What’s yours will make you wait

But you don’t have to wait

You’ll be searching for it your entire life but you won’t get it until it finds you/
You want it and ready to do anything for it
But this won’t help
Some things are meant to last and that is what you’re searching for
But it’s useless unit it finds you/

You know what you have is actually what you were searching for
Can you stop questioning everything and fall for once?
You won’t regret it but what you have to do is accept it
But you keep telling yourself that you won’t
And hey?
Your search is useless now until you finds it this time/

If you want to linger on it it’s okay too
But you too know that deep inside you’re waiting it to be yours
Hey hey?
But you lie that you don’t want it
Keep up and move ahead with hope this time
Love lasts together or gets separated with happiness 
It won’t let you down in tears
Oh but you wait,
And that waiting is not useless now..
It’s time for you to find it!

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