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What if you were me for one day!


16th October 2023 | 177 Views

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 What if you were me for one day?

-What if i start ignoring you for one day?
What if you feel what i feel everyday?
Nah, you’ll give up if you were me for one day!

-What if I’d be busy the entire day and forget about you?
What if i start seeing someone you don’t want me to see?
Nah, you’ll fail again if you were me for one day!

-What if i forget to ask of how your day was?
What if i wait for your call rather than calling you by myself?
Nah, you’ll be perplexed if you were me for one day!

-Just one day, what if forget to say goodbye?
What if i think that you’d be doing okay without asking me?
Nah, you’ll give up again if you were me for one day!

-Again a day if i stop appreciating you?
What if i forget about everything i was doing before i had you?
And you know this time? You won’t want to be me even if you had a chance to!

-What if i go somewhere without telling you?
Yes I’m a Orthodox when it comes to relationships
But what if i stop thinking about you?
What if i be you Just to feel loved?
What if i turn out like a complete unknown one to you?
But just to make you feel loved baby,
Don’t worry I’ll be you✨

Khushi Chauhan



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