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Unkept Promises!

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I’ll go ahead without mentioning the further lines as a poem or an autobiography or an apology!

Life goes ahead,
No matter who stays
No matter who leaves;
You don’t miss a person always
You miss the unkept promises, you miss the memories, you miss “you” with ’em!

Maybe I’m bad to promise you things
Maybe i lack love
Maybe i never deserved you?
All i wanted to say that
I don’t miss you,
I mean i miss you but i don’t!

Some days i took your for granted
Somedays i want to love you all day
Somedays i don’t like talking w you
Some days all i see is you as my lobster;
But somedays only!

You’ll blame me
I won’t question that 
All i want you to know that 
I miss you after letting you go
But i don’t miss you?

You’ll call me dumb
You’ll call me a moron too
Thinking about calling you and imagining you missing me too
This gives pleasure 
But hey? 
I don’t miss you?

Was i scared?
Or was i not knowing anything?
But since 4th i miss you
But i can’t be w you
Don’t wait for me
But stupid me thinks of waiting for you
I know i don’t want you back
I know i don’t need you 
But i miss you
I mean i don’t miss you?

You loved me!
But all i could think of is you not loving me now
I could see you happy and overcoming many things,
I’m glad
But know that i miss you.
I mean i don’t?

You hang out w chicks outside knowing that I’ll see all of it
Knowing that i ain’t highly possessive,
But your hand looked way better when it rested on my waist
After cribbing and missing you all day 
I go to sleep after checking your last seen
I know you’ll sleep late,
When I’ll open my eyes you’ll close ’em
Maybe holding your hands weren’t difficult
But imagining you holding of somebody else’s?
But i don’t miss you still!

Jumping quickly,
I can’t be with you
But hoping that you won’t ever go on wrong paths may remind me that
     “you Loved me”

Neither do i want you
Nor do you want me
Either I’ll love you till my last
Or you’ll love her till your last!


I was just another promise that

You couldn’t keep!


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