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16th October 2023 | 104 Views

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Simon Sinek is a Motivational Speaker, who is Famous for his concept of Golden Circle and his Ted talk and book Start With why, which is 3rd most watched Talk ever.

He has presented idea of ‘Start With Why’ which means, in any business you have to start with a ‘why’ or cause, and you have to do marketing about that why only, not what you do. He says, why is the cause, and it cannot be money, money is the result.

Start With Why

I have heard many criticism regarding same on Internet, a Article on Medium, said that Golden Circle was highly exagerated. And they said that they marketed ‘why’ and still could not get returns.

They are not exactly marketing their ‘Why’ Their are 2 reason behind it. First is that you have to tell your real ‘why’, without manupulation. Saying we want to reach mars when you sell hotdogs in a canteen would not help.

Here’s The Thing

The other thing is that your ‘Why’ will only attract people who are interested in your ‘Why’ If your ‘Why’ is to sell best hotdogs of California, you can’t have results globally. You have to have a ‘Why’ in a manner making best hotdoges in world

The thing is that why do you need to follow ‘why’ then. The answer is loyallity. If a person is with you for your ‘why’ the person won’t leave you for discounted hotdoges at the next shop. And they would remain loyal to you forever.

Steve Jobs

If you don’t believe it because many great journalists have said it. Then I present you thoughts of a person who found a $1 Trillion Dollar company called Apple.

I am talking about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs in his marketing strategy in 1997, said that your marketing strategy should tell about your ‘believes’ and honour the people who believe what you believe. 

Steve used the word believe. The word ‘Why’ is basically your ‘believes’ only.  Steve told that secret in the marketing strategy on video below. I believe that because Apple had the ‘Why’ of making best products in world. And believed in thinking differently. 

Akarshit Mahajan



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