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Everyone of us is busy…some in studies,some in jobs and some in other things. We don’t have time to give attention to our body but the most important thing in our life is our body. If we give 4-5% of time from ohr whole day to our body that is 1 hour from 24 hours then our physique will be better. We can do it in different ways like weight lifting, exercise, yoga or cardio. Type of fitness which suits your body and makes you happy. You can do walk, jogging or running. Don’t take it like a burden, enjoy it and you feel that it is easy. You can listen to music for feeling good while doing exercises and after that do 5-10 minutes of yoga asanas like shavasana to make your body feel calm and cool. Good fitness leads to good health and good health leads your mind to do more work. Some students and employees are facing problems like anxiety, depression and some old people have diseases like sugar, blood pressure, etc. This 1 hout leads to cure all these problems and disease and make your body fit. If your body is fit then your brain will also be fit and your mind will give some innovative ideas which will help you in your job and studies. You will feel it boring and very hard in beginning but after that phase you will enjoy it. But remember don’t push your body limits. Only do that much which is acceptable by your body. If you exceeds the limit it will leads to injury which is not good for your body. For better results you can do these exercises at early morning. This will enhance the capability of body. One more important thing is your diet. Due to busy schedule of the day we are not able to get much food which will give us energy. So, make a balanced diet including all macro and micro nutrients. If you want change in your physique you have to maintain proper calories and and should implant all important nutrients in it. Don’t intake much of calories, only that much which is required by your body. You can calculate that through calorimeter. According to your height and weight calories intake can be managed to bet a proper BMI. People think only carbohydrates, proteins amd fats are important for body but micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals are very useful for proper body functioning. For working people and students it is useful to grab food and eat whenever they get time for it. Water is very important in diet. Make sure that one is having 5-6 litres of water daily. Eat less amd drink more, this theory definitely help you in your exercise whether you are doing it for fat loss or muscle gain. It will help to digest your food easily. Have more proteins and fats because they are difficult to digest and tske time so, your stomach don’t need food for a large interval of time. If you have carbohydrates rich diet make sure that you are taking complex carbohydrates because it act same as protein and make your stomach full for a long time. Avoiding sugar is the key of having a good physique so, minimise or avoid taking sugar in any form. Remember to take small meals like fruits after an interval of 3-4, hours. People think intake of coffee or green tea should help them in exercise. Yes, it will increase your metabolic rate that will helpful in exercise but drinks like black coffee and green tea contains caffeine and intake of large amount of caffeine is harmful for body.So, please avoid intake of caffeine. If you do all these small things you will notice a good change in your body after a month or so. In your hectic schedule if you are able please make a schedule so that you can separate your work from exercise. Healthy body can do more work in less time. Individual should also take care of his mental health. It can be done through meditation and yoga asanas. This all things lead to a overall development of a body. It will leads to good health and we all know health is wealth.

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