Mobile macro cameras: do we need them or not?


3rd July 2024 | 186 Views

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Do you really need a dedicated Macro Camera in your phone?

Before we can decide whether you need a dedicated macro camera or not, we should first know what it actually means, Macro Photography is the art of making small objects look life size with incredible details which are not usually possible to see with the naked eye, a macro camera would be the instrument which helps us achieve this,  Without getting you more confused than you already are, Lets understand the difference between a normal  lens and a macro lens 

Normal lens in Cameras

This is how a normal lens generally works, normal camera lens The image formed on the sensor is 1/4th to the original size of the object. This makes it possible for you to fit large objects in your frame.

Macro lens in Cameras

A Macro Camera aims to get the image of the object more magnified on the sensor than normal. This is how a macro lens generally functions. Macro Camera Lens A macro lens is able to bump the focusing point of the camera closer to the object, hence the image formed on the sensor is in proportion of 1:1 to the object.

Macro Camera in smartphones

Getting back to the topic, Almost every new smartphone is having more and more cameras added, with some even having a 4 camera setup, It doesn’t actually mean that Quantity=Quality and when it comes to cameras its certainly not the case, you can actually see this with apple and google cameras which actually provide quality with their sensors and image processing software, you will notice that google will provide better images with a 12 megapixel camera than a 48 or 64 megapixel redmi mobile camera. hence there are alot more factors involved than just the number of cameras, A macro camera is no exception, Most manufacturers are actually adding this cheap macro lens with a 2mp sensor just to increase the ‘number of cameras’ and then they are advertising it like its gonna make a difference on your overall image quality, and im not saying that this isnt something they can improve in future. Like all things this is gonna show improvement too, It would be nice to have mobility with quality, but we all know that the situation is pretty sketchy right now.  i understand that still for a minority of people, having a macro camera in their phones can be useful, but still manufacturers should consider that the majority of people would rather have the money spent on the main camera than the sketchy macro camera, if not then they should just use the money to improve their image processing software which is actually shitty in almost every mid range phone. Moreover for the minority that have a requirement for it can actually settle for filter lenses that provide better results than what these phones offer. In conclusion i would say that buyers should start looking past the, “wow this phone offers so much in less” and try to check how well the spec sheet translates to in-hand experience. Remember that a poorly implemented feature benifits no one.
Divyansh Chandel



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