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Don’t have anyone~You have yourself

16th October 2023 | 247 Views

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I learned a long time ago,

The wisest thing i can do,

Is be on my own side…

I feel like I don’t have anyone. I have nothing to worry about but even though I don’t know why I feel this way. I don’t want to feel this way and also I don’t have any reason to feel this way but even though it happens to me a lot. Maybe there is something that I also don’t know, You know lot of times we feel that everything is okay but still it is not okay. Actually if i talk about myself, I am very happy, I don’t have any reason to worry about, my life is going very good, very simple, everything just seems perfect, I have a life which lot of people wishes to have but yeah; that’s right; human beings never  satisfy. But still i have that feeling. But I want to do something to overcome the thought I have of feeling alone, stressed. 

The thing is not that I don’t have friends I do have friends, I have the most amazing parents but I don’t know why still I feel like I don’t have anyone, I want to talk about lot of things, but I feel like that there is not even a single person in this whole world who could talk to me. But I think it’s my problem that I feel this way, because I have the most amazing parents, most amazing friends also, So yeah problem is mine.

I checked everything, everything was good but still that feeling, now i tried and I didn’t get any solution to this, I am still hollow inside, I’m so lonely, I am still alone. I don’t know where the problem lies.But I just want to know that do you people also feel that something, that loneliness, hollowness or am I the only one stupid person on this earth. But now I don’t want to stay like this and don’t want more people to stay like this, that’s why I am writing and finding solution to this so that some people who also feel like me shouldn’t suffer.  And also I am just spitting out everything what I feel and sometimes I think that I share lot of things through this which I have never told anyone.

Whenever I feel like that I don’t have anyone to talk I just start writing and this is the only one thing which helps me to ignoring that feeling from which I am afraid. I am kind of running from my problems, I know that’s not right so i am finding the solution to the problem. When i feel that I can’t talk to anyone what i do is just stand in front of a mirror and start talking to myself like a crazy person but yes it helps me and i will do it till I don’t feel satisfied talking  to myself.

So now it is the time for the solution and the solution is “SELF LOVE”. The most important thing is self love and I think that’s the one thing what i was missing, a few months back I didn’t love myself, I didn’t think about me and that was the problem because you care about everyone else but not yourself, that’s where that loneliness takes place but now I actually think what I like and I do what I love; still i am not at my extent to love myself, i can love myself more and I will. I will make myself priority, love everyone but not more than yourself.

Now i am good, i am fine. All this happiness what i have now is only because of my parents, friends and most importantly myself “SELF LOVE”. So, Thank you my family, Thank you my friends, Thank you every person who is reading this right now, Thank you every person who love me but still don’t ever forget to Thank yourself So, Thank you Khushi Chauhan for loving yourself.

Believe in yourself, love yourself, live happily.

Choose your happiness,

Choose your well-being,

Choose your passion,


Khushi Chauhan



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