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Milyin | 17th July, 2018

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16th October 2023 | 105 Views

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It has been observed that Milyin has got a fantastic rise in their stats from the time being we were just mere beginners. So here is a compiled list of our 2 month achievements and our future plans:

Content Creators:

When we just started, we were only two. We rose our potential and acquired of achieving 13 content creators in the first month and it rose to more than 32 content creators after 2 months. We think this has been a great growth in terns of beginners starting out. We have to go really very much further to make everyone present their real life thoughts.

Total Content Viewers:

In the first month we only got around 2000 views, which is pretty much good. But now after 2 months, the amount of views have suddenly increased to 5000 views and this is ever increasing. Hope you will become CC and share the content with the open world.

Hashtags and Keywords:

This has been a great achievement for us. We experienced high coding and were done with it. We started with an ecosystem of including hashtags in our content which would be directly converted to the meta tags. Thus conquering the Yoast focus keyword.

Our Future Plans:

Milyin has a long way to go. We want Milyin to provide all satisfactory employement and thus enable everyone to present their views on this open platform. We have now a focus on to write creations on a daily basis with a long creation every week. This will be really a tough task, but we are ready to do this for Milyin. We are also working on the account pages, making CSS look better and also promoting our sites. Also we have got a good amount of backlinks from high authoritative websites. We will try to get more backlinks from different authoritative websites.  


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Milyin Creators



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