Anger Issues!!! Need To Control!!!

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Anger doesn’t solve anything, It builds nothing, But it can destroy everything…♥️   Anger!!! What is Anger? We suffer from anger every single day. Do you know the reason why we people are angry? Actually it isn’t a thing like we just go and collide with it.  It is a feeling. When the things are not happening according to us then we feel anger. For example if a we expect 90% in an exam and we get 80% then we get angry and if our mother shouts at us even when we are right then also we get angry. Actually the main reason is that the situations are not happening according to us, what we actually want isn’t happening. Now this thing is scientifically proved that if we are angry it poisons our body. A person who is angry most of the times is 9% more likely to have heart attack. And anger also weaken our immune system. I am not saying this by my own thinking, these things have been proved scientifically. So the main thing is we need to control our anger. Sometimes we shout on somebody and later on realize that we did wrong. I accept  that it is very difficult to control anger. We actually don’t know how to control it. So we need some methods or techniques which we can do for controlling our anger. Here I am going to tell you four things which you can do very easily. These things definitely going to  help you a lot. So let’s start

  1. Breath control: You all may have heard this already that you should count on your breathing when you are angry. This helps a lot in controlling anger. You should focus on your breathing. So exactly what you have to do is just inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Take 5 to 6 deep breathes. When you breath deeply you will feel a little calmer and better. Continue this for 2 to 3 minutes. This can really help a lot.
  2. Relaxing muscles: This one is little interesting, just relax your muscles. You may have noticed that when we are angry we are very stiff, our backbone straightens and our hands move very stiffly. So here is the solution that all you have to do is relax your muscles. And it’s better if you can sit or lay down. If you are standing and can’t sit just lossen up your shoulder muscles. This one is very effective and you can do this very easily.
  3. Journal writing: When you do the above two things you will feel little better. So after that what you have to do is grab a journal and start writing. Keep a diary with you and write what makes you angry. If you can’t keep a diary all the time then go home and start writing. The people who are stressed can also start writing. Write the things which irritates you. Write the whole thing that happened in that situation. Then you will feel like you have just spit out all the things what was on your mind or what you wanted to say. Must try this one.
  4. Think rationally: In this what you have to do is don’t think emotionally but think rationally. For a while just think that on what I am angry right now, is that going to affect me after a week or after a month or after a year? Ask yourself. So after analysing you realise that maybe this thing can affect you after a week but may not after a month and after a year you may not remember the thing even. By thinking this way you can process your anger.

So these were the four things which can help you a lot in controlling your anger. I can’t promise you that you won’t get angry again but hopefully with this you found a way to deal with it a little bit better. It is actually not easy to control anger and I must say that it is one of the difficult task. But just think, do you really want to poison yourself? Do you really want yourself to suffer from heart diseases? You are not only affecting your own body but also irritating people who are around you. And some people also hurt themselves which is absolutely wrong. By shouting and screaming you may destroy someone’s day. If you are angry most of the times, people also start avoiding you as they think that this person is always in an angry mood just better not to talk to him or her. So be happy always. A wise and grateful person never let anger overcome their personality. We always want ourselves to be better than yesterday. We can be better than yesterday only if we will be more wise and compose. So throw your anger out, become wiser, grateful and live happily. This life is all about spreading love and happiness. Be happy and make everyone else happy. We don’t know that people who are around us now will be there next morning. So don’t let silly egos come between your relations. Forgive easily. Live life happily. For every minute you are angry, You lose sixty seconds of happiness…♥️    

Khushi Chauhan



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