A Lot Changed Me!!{Part 3}


3rd July 2024 | 204 Views

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Many things went wrong, many relations were fired. Siya was somewhere thoughtless, helpless and just kept staring at the bloody scenes.  There were nights when she curled up on a ball on floor and won’t talk to anyone! As long last, everything was like ocean silence, after destroying too many things!

Apne whi h jo hmari khamoshi ko padh ske, vrna andaje to begane bhi lga skte h”

Only God knows how much all these frequently occurring issues, questions killing her inside and made her cry. But thank God, despite people who were creating problems in her life, she was blessed with some people who went out of the box to help her even Tarrush, after knowing the issue always stood on Siya’s side to help her. Many were there who helped her to unexpected end by motivating her to cope up with all that.

“Agar aasuon ki keemat hoti to takiye arbon me bikte”

The major problem with Siya was that she care way too much about people who don’t give a shit about her. But I suggest u, pls don’t be another Siya. Don’t force people to stay in ur life. The right people -one who really belong will come to you and stay. When being in a relationship hurts u, leave. Don’t stay and keep drowning bcz love isn’t supposed to be painful. There were many a times she did so many things wrong, as she even offended her parents just to resolve some of the issues. It seems like every time Siya says, “Life can’t get more worst to her”. Life replies, “Challenge accepted.” No doubt, at some phase the braviest thing Siya ever did was to continue her life when she wanted to die, and no one really knew that. But I’m glad for sake of sone reason she didn’t do that. Each character in Siya’s story managed the things according to their own perspectives but Siya, the protagonist took all her steps at cost of something really big(relations too). It’s not like the everything went fine btw Siya and Tarrush. There too, many questions, issues, arguments took there place. But the point is that they both managed the things from their ends, more or less. Only bcz they literally want to be with each other despite everything. May be this doesn’t remained constant in future too. Yah, the hard truth was that as  time changed it’s phase a strange silence from both side perhaps created a long distance between them. At a point situation forced to say that, “Faslon ka pta tab chla jb mene kha theek hoon, or usne man liya.” It’s the sad reality. Oh god! the only piece of good i can see all here is, all this provided Siya with much needed inner strength. But still, she feels, forgive them even if they are not sorry, for the people who hurted her. Never wish them pain if they caused u pain, they must have pain inside. Just wish them healing. The best teachings were, teach yourself to be alone, coz ur even your shadow is going to leave you when you are in dark. I know it’s hard to forget someone who gave u much to remember. But don’t allow yourself to fall low for someone else, who don’t really cares! Although, Siya is still coping with herself inside, only carrying the single thought in her mind that, she’ll not cry for anyone/anything, anymore…. And that’s all about Siya. There was no intention of hurting anyone behind this, not at all. #No offence #Fictitious It’s just about, Grow through what you Go-Through….!! Ended        

Sakshi Yadav




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