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Fortnite : Season 5

16th October 2023 | 174 Views

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The next season is right on our tail with crazy new map changes and other leaked stuff. The person behind the leakes was a epic employee which is currently being sued by the epic themselves. But some people and still getting leakes around this topic.

Story : It all started with the week 1 challenges where you see a explosion in the prison that let omega out. All the super heros went to find him but he started making an army leading to a great battle. But this all came down to an end where the week 6 challenges told that it was just a movie production. Every one was disappointed until the next week…….. This was the week when you unlocked the blockbuster skin a.k.a. ‘The Visitor‘. This was actually real, many people thought that this was just another part of the movie but this is where the real drama begins. Blockbuster skin started collecting all the hop rocks that came with him.He just had one intension to go home. He was a crazy scientist that used the power of hop rocks to modify a prop rocket from the movie into a real time machine rocket. All the hop rocks from the mini crators were patched and collected to fill in the rocket.

Rocket launch :

One day, all the televisions and the omega base’s controller started showing a timer that indicates the launch event which happend live in front of the people. Blockbuster sat in it and wanted to go home and launched the rocket to fly back into his time period. Then he flew the rocket to very high when it failed and stopped. Everyone was so confused when a sound came saying about setting the coordinates then it aimed at tilted and went to hit it when a portal interfare and teleported it it to moisty mire and then roam around to get teleported again to loot lake to make a huge crack on the sky. Those cracks were the wrong time teleporters that was made and finally he go out from the huge crack in the sky to his home but leaving it open.

S5 map changes :

Many mini portals are popping up in the sky destroying parts of the map. Loanly lodge, motel, tomato town, retail row and the tallest mountain. These were the locations where the next map changes and going to take place. Many data miners found out that the theme was old westen style with pyramids of Giza in the map. This bring a desert, map extension, pyramids, western saloon and much more.

Lets hope this will be implemented according to the leakes. Many people are making their own story which is very cool but hope to get them implemented too. Note : These are not found my me, but telling the leaked made by others in one blog.




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