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He woke up alarmingly, and his stomach desperately wanted some food but as you know EGO. He picked up his watch and saw the time when there was a wall clock in his right. It was 5 in the evening and he was surprised to see that no one really no one came to offer him food, by the way the room was locked from inside. But no one shouted from outside or tapped on the door to insist him to open. And he just got know from outside laughter that one of her sister’s mom was sitting in the drawing hall. And he just supposed that she would try to manage the situation but as the time passed by he got to know that she didn’t have any clue regarding the situation. So again he sat on his new chair and studied, surfed on youtube and played PUBG.  His body could starve but his brain was aching at the next level. But somehow he controlled and managed to live in the room alone and locked! It was the evening when whatsoever is the condition of the weather he just went on the roof and played some sport. But it was getting difficult for him just to stay in the room. Once he got a chance to go in the kitchen and he saw sweets were made. Now he started judging his parents whether they should be trusted at any cost or not. He saw nothing in the kitchen except that sweet and just the next moment he saw two bananas which were little old but, something he has to eat so he managed with the bananas for the whole day. He was litteraly exhausted and cant explain it to anyone. He is not getting whats going around him and why? Recently he gave a short interview for Fortis hospital which was an assignment for someone in which she would ask few questions as per marked by an physiotherapist. And few days later he saw the video and got surprised that he was under the category of mentally unfit at an extreme level. Everything was going against him and this situation is really worse when you dont even get to know whats going on. He did yoga and mediation too but nothing helped. That evening it was almost 8 in the evening and than his sister came randomly to meet him. But as soon as he noticed she came he became silent keeping his room locked. And before that at least his parents came in order to make him realize that whatever he is doing is not beneficial for anyone. But who was there to understand. He again shouted by saying that his bier would be up the next day and a lot more non-sense. That what his parents too left his room without doing anything because they knew anything they did would just hipe up the anger and they dont wanted that. When his sister came she got to know about the situation and stated knocking his door continuously but being a very irritated person he didnt replied anything. Suddenly  after some time the door opened but not by him. It may be the continuous movement of the door which suudenly with a jurk unlocked the hinges. He was lying on his bed in pro line  position. Being very tensed his sister came and sat near him. Slowly she took her hand and kept on his head. Tried to tell him a lot of things but never replied. But after some time his head shook. Now she forced him to sit up but he was not ready to do so. After watching all the efforts he himself stood and went to the washroom, came washed his face and till that time his sister was standing near the door of the washroom just watching him. They both went to the room he cleaned his face with the towel and a normal conversation started regarding the chair. She was a person who became one of his best companion during lockdown and he shared almost everything and received the same in return.And after cracking some silly jokes she took him to her house where no one was there in order to talk. She gave him icecream and just watched him eating. In between asking him several question which he never answered. Just because he himself was trying to find some of the answers. Both sat alone till 10 in the night. Then when he got into his consciousness he asked to leave. She offered him food too but he refused. He went to his house where everything was ocean silent. Than his father called out his name and asked him for food.  But never waited for his answer as he just waned him to come and eat. It was not easy for him to sit with his parents and eat but he tried. He had many questions but realized one sentence of his sister that,” we usually regard our parents as God which is a wrong thing because than we expect that they would never commit mistake but besides that they are a human and each of us commit some mistake.” His eagerness to commit a suicide was gone and just regretted for what he had done as always. HE was awake till 3 in the morning just trying to find answers of some of his question bank but slept with no answers with himself. But realized that not everything in this world can be questioned. Because some things can only be felt. “Violence only gets you inner satisfaction, but destroys your external environment.” Its just a bad chapter of a book and will go on, as think +ve for a happy ending. God have made us equally so try not to question him because it will surely take some time but you will get answers for your question in your life only. PART 2 just ended and was the the last part. NOTE: The title was suicide because it was a very required action as per thought by the boy which can’t be equally expressed in the story!!

Tejas Gautam



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