Singapore: Its a dream

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3rd July 2024 | 126 Views

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Day 1

This time we take your dreams to Singapore. Overwhelmingly beautiful, the place is the dream destination. This june Singapore invited us and to be honest we, must say that the airport was beautiful but it also takes some time on security checking. After we landed the airport instantly felt a top notch one in quality, our first impressions were satisfactory. We also understood that anyone interested in cars and luxury tends to not like it as one might not be able to see performance cars due to high prices of cars and stuff. Now it was time for city tour on the day one and we viewed some nice places. initially we went to the famous Singapore Flyer, it was as you can expect phenomenal. The Marina sands bay gave us the best scenes for our profile pics, though luxuries in that region come with high price. Next destination was chinatown street market that sponsored all our souvenirs which we would talk later and Day 1 ended. We recommend to have dinner at Clarke Quay which was a beautiful place lit with lights, at night. also, there was much places to eat for all kind of foodies.

Day 2

The second day begins, was initially planned for our visit to famous Singapore theme parks, but on the second day we just went to universal studios which was the best theme park we ever experienced! At the entrance we can see many gift shops and then begins the fun, at the right you have the sci-fi city in which you have the roller coasters and other adventurous, thrill packed rides also you have a theme on egypt in which the greatest ride was ‘the revenge of the mummy’ which was a dark roller coaster inside the pyramid. then comes the fairy land which had a huge disney castle and jungle land which facilitated the water activities and people performing crazy stunts, which we skipped due to weather. We highly recommend you to keep atleast one day for this park. Then comes the third day, we started with Sentosa island which was exactly next to universal studios which had beaches and other cool places. It was filled with adrenaline-packed water activities, we drove a quad bike which was not forgettable and also went to various 3d cinema activities there. now, on the fourth day was the shopping day at various places like China Town and much more. skipping to the night, i went to the night safari which was the only place that disappointed us We don’t recommend it, there was huge waiting and had to stand for one hour in lines, also, wildlife animals were difficult to spot, you usually satisfy with buffalos, cows and foxes. Again we dont recommend to not to go there. And this Our journey came to end. Team Travelonatory

Akarshit Mahajan



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