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Most simple ways to increase your focus

16th October 2023 | 119 Views

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Today you will know about most simple ways to increase your focus, whether you are studying or you have pending work which you need to complete soon. First lets talk about what focus actually is? Well to put it simply, its kind of a power, which can almost double or sometimes triple your efficiency of what ever you are doing. Without focus, you may do complete your work, but with focus the same work will take more less time. Okay but how do we loose focus? Distraction is one of the most common reason why you may be loosing focus every single time you do your work, study shows that whenever while doing work, if you even check your phone for maybe just a split second, your focus will reach 0, and you will have to build it again. So just switch off your phone, or maybe close some extra tabs opened in your browser. How do we build focus? Focus is like maths, if you do it repeatedly, you will ultimately perfect it. Wherever you go, will will read that do meditation for 5 min or maybe 10 min everyday to increase your focus, its true that meditation increase your focus, but if you have less time to spear on it than just follow the distraction method and you wont loose your focus, and make a routine. Maybe call it the productivity hour or maybe Do Not Disturb Me I Am Working hour, and set the tine, and follow it every single day where you just do work and nothing else. It will take some time but soon you will notice that during that time, you dont even need to focus on something anymore, you just sit there and your mind automatically goes into focus mode and than you can work for that time without any single problem. Is there any other way to maintain the focus i have achieved while working? Yes, and its your thoughts! Thoughts are more important and crucial than we give it credit for. If you have focus and suddenly if you thing hey i can do this later, i can do it tomorrow, than you will notice than soon many like thoughts will come around, and soon all your focus gone, and you will be sitting there procrastinating. Let me explain it with example, consider your thoughts as carefully placed thoughts. These dominos are so big that they can trip 3 domino tiles in front or back at once, the more you increase your focus, the more distance every domino tiles will have. So even after few days, any negative thoughts will just make the whole domino fall and at the end your focus is gone, But if you keep on meditating and maintain a distance from these distracting stuff, than soon the gab between each tiles will be so great that nothing will be able to break your focus. I hope you achieve any goal you wanted, that made you read this. have a great journey!  

Thanks for reading! Hope it made a difference!
Yug Agarwal



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