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Milyin | 3rd May 2020

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16th October 2023 | 194 Views

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We Hope you are safe, and healthy at home during these troubled times of COVID-19. Please follow all social distancing and rules to keep yourself and your family safe from this deadly virus.


2 Years Ago

Today Milyin completes it’s 2 years of existence. 2 years ago, today we started out on our Journey to give people a great platform for representing themselves, and building what they love. Leveraging the internet world, we will always continue to help people, talk there thoughts, opinions and believes, using Milyin. 2 years ago we started Milyin, and with your support and blessing we have grown to big levels. 2 years ago, we started with many dreams and no direction, we had a pretty bad Creation Interface, and features available like site-wide dark mode, Creation Autosave, Distraction-Free Mode, and lots more. We started Milyin as a Free Site. Like any start-up, the finances were always a problem, but the support we got from our Core Team and Content Creators for the kickstart was unparalleled.

Old vs New

We started Milyin as a Free WordPress site with the url https://milyin.wordpress.com, this site was started on 3rd May, 2018, since that day our relentless work on that site, gave us the confidence to buy the actual domain and then put our blood and sweat in it to make it great. We bought, the domain, with bare minimum features, on 17th May, 2018, and we started building our new site, since the next day. Since 17th May, 2018, we never touched https://milyin.wordpress.com, and decided to preserve it as it, over there. We got the confidence to shift to our own site, in less than 14 days, which is a thing which still amazes us.

How it Happened

Carry Forward, 2 years, we are now a company 2 years old, and a website little less than 2 years old, and we are proud for all that we did in this time. Each and every minute for us spent building it has been worth it. Now let’s talk about what we have been doing in the past few days. Our last update was on 24th February, 2020, and there are a lot of things that changed in terms of design, policies, features, and some other important things. We have constantly worked to improve Milyin, and build wonderful tools to help you make Wonderful Creations.




We have as always tried to better the design in each and every aspect. One of them has been the Footer. Footer is visible on each and every page, and having a well designed Footer is important. Our earlier footer had just the links for few pages. But as we grew, we had more and more pages. We planned adding those links to the navigation bar, but that was making things look too crowded, and therefore we needed some other solution. This solution, was impossible, because too many links make things confusing for a first time visitor, therefore we decided to leverage our Footer. The new Footer, includes our Social Media links, for all our Social Media Platforms. We include our mission statement with another column in footer. Other 2 columns give a wide variety of links, including Important links like Policy Paged, Contact Us, and Help Paged, along with Quick Links for relevant pages. It’s all designed beautifully with care and perfection.

Cookie Consent Form



This is an update regarding Milyin’s Policy framework. Milyin tries to maintain it’s policies, so that they remain relevant with our ever growing platform, and to ensure, that we can safe guard the Content Creators. The Policies have already come into effect. The actual changes, can include things that are not mentioned here, therefore we request you to thoroughly reread our Policies, to know your rights, duties and responsibilities, in relationship with Milyin. We have updates our, Creation PolicyPrivacy PolicyTerms of Service, and we have introduced new Verification Policy, and Cookie Policy, please go through all of them. As a part of newly introduced Cookie Policy, Milyin has introduced rules, to comply with GDPR. As a part of the same, Milyin shall ask you permission to use Cookies. Cookies are small sized data which are stored on your browser. Cookies are helpful to improve user experience and collect data that can help us improve Milyin. Denying for Cookies still uses some Essential Functional information regardless of your consent, the Cookie Consent is only for additional Cookies.

Input Fields Redesign


Input Fields

Input fields are one of the most interactive area in a website. And well designed user interface is really important for great user experience. We wanted to make the textareas and input fields intuitive for clicks, and use colors to represent hierarchy. Till now we used borders at edges of input fields to provide distinction, but now as it turns out, we believe that a background color shade different from it’s containers background is a better approach in our opinion. With this, the newer textareas and input fields of Milyin would have slightly, darker shade on light mode, and a slightly lighter shade on Dark Mode. This is what we believe the best approach to make the clicks on  the input fields highly Intuitive.

Preference Options In Creations



As a Content Creator, you are really creative with your work, and every creator needs some things specific to his Creative ideas. On Milyin, we have taken a step, to make things more customisable with Preference Options. These Options are newly released Toggles which can be used to Toggle  various features like Header Visibility, Footer Visibility, Content Width, Table Of Content Visibility, and Even Post Title Toggle.  You have the control over exactly what is shown on frontend, and we shall keep expanding these features. There are few exceptions to it, for example, you cannot hide the “Report Content” in the After Content Carousel of your Creations, as it is necessary to safeguard interests of readers.  Along with it we have in development, a page to set default preferences. This page which is not released yet, but will be released really soon, will let you select your default preferences. Say you want to never see a Table Of Content in your Creations, you can toggle it to “Hide” in the Preferences page,  and whenever you write any new Creation, the Table Of Content option would have “Off” selected by default. Obviously the setting you select in your Creation Interface, overrides your default preferences.

Improved Featured Image Uploader

One of the biggest complaint about Milyin’s Creation Interface, has been the Featured Image portion, while it is good with lot of options, features and functionality, it still was poorly designed, with not so good looking containers, content going out of device width when used on Mobile, and some margin issues. Overall it was an unpleasant experience to user, and we needed to improve it. For the past few weeks we have worked really hard to improve it. This includes much bigger buttons, with Milyin’s Traditional Blue Accents, much cleaner Image Preview, better margins table in media library. Mobile usability was very well taken care of, with this redesign, elements never go out of screen, and everything is much more organized and sorted. Some other useless stuff, has been removed, and we hope that you are enjoying the Content Creation Experience with this new interface. The Search, Filter and Sort, functionality has been improved in terms of performance, and usability to make you be able to easily find your images, and speed up your Creation Process.




We love shortcuts, and shortcuts are useful, things for more convenience and better performance. With the growth of our Creation Interface we have embraced these shortcuts. We now support some quick shortcuts, to improve your  work flow. CTRL/Command + S can be used to Save your Creation CTRL/Command + SHIFT + S can be used to toggle Autosave for your Creation. CTRL + D can be used to Toggle Distraction Free Mode on Milyin These handy features are always useful when you are deep into your thoughts, and the few seconds spent to find the save button can break your thought process. They are working as perfectly as they can, and we hope you like them. We already have a lot of shortcuts in the  Creation Visual Editor. While you have your cursor in Creation interface, click SHIFT + ALT + H to find all the shortcuts available in Creation Visual Editor. Or you can find a Help Icon in the Seconf row of the Toolbar to do the same. Below we have attached that same list of all shortcuts available for Creation Visual Editor.

Default shortcuts, Ctrl + letter:

aSelect allzUndo
yRedokInsert/edit link

Additional shortcuts, Shift + Alt + letter:

1Heading 12Heading 2
3Heading 34Heading 4
5Heading 56Heading 6
cAlign centrerAlign right
lAlign leftjJustify
uBulleted listoNumbered list
mInsert/edit imagesRemove link
zToolbar ToggletInsert Read More tag
pInsert Page Break tagwDistraction-free writing mode
mAdd MediahKeyboard Shortcuts



When starting a new paragraph with one of these formatting shortcuts followed by a space, the formatting will be applied automatically. Press Backspace or Escape to undo.

*Bulleted list1.Numbered list
-Bulleted list1)Numbered list

The following formatting shortcuts are replaced when pressing Enter. Press Escape or the Undo button to undo.

##Heading 2
###Heading 3
####Heading 4
#####Heading 5
######Heading 6
---Horizontal line

Focus shortcuts:

Alt + F8Inline toolbar (when an image, link or preview is selected)
Alt + F9Editor menu (when enabled)
Alt + F10Editor toolbar
Alt + F11Elements path

To move focus to other buttons use Tab or the arrow keys. To return focus to the editor press Escape or use one of the buttons.

Error Notifications



Currently when you click Save Creation, and there is some error, the Save Button turns red and says “Error”, but now besides that you shall be able to see, a short description of what happened that troubled with saving. At the bottom of Creation Interface, we shall give you a small description of what the error was and some actionable steps for the same.  The Error Notifications are based on HTTP error code that we received on last form submit. We have added the descriptions for some common Error codes, but there can be some other ones too, where we are unable to recommend actionable steps. Mostly it is your bad network connection, but we still can have errors from our side too. In case you recieve error, we recommend turning on Autosave, so that continues to retry saving your Creation. The Autosave button will save it as the errors solve. Also we recommend you to keep your Creation data safe locally incase there is a prolonged time or Errors being reported, and also go to Milyin’s Contact Us  and report us about this error. With this we conclude our Latest Update, to Milyin’s Developments in past 2 months.


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