Lockdown 3.0 – Extension Till May 17

Lockdown 3.o Extention Till May 27

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To contain the spread of COVID-19, government decided to extend lockdown beyond May 3 till May 17 with complete ban on air travels, trains and inter- state road travel, hotels educational institutions and  many other limited activities throughout the country. Based on risk profiling of coronavirus, the doubling rate of COVID-19 cases, the  733 districts of India are broadly classified  into different 3 zones, i.e RED ZONE having huge number of corona positive cases and a high doubling rate. ORANGE ZONE,  have comparatively fewer cases and the area which had no new cases from last 14 days. GREEN ZONE, the area having no new cases of corona from last 21 days.

Lockdown Three Zones

Lockdown 3.O- Extension Till May 17

Although, Lockdown till May 17, curbs eased in safe areas. Through analysing the spread of this pandemic in each zone relaxations are given.

What All Is Allowed In


  • Agricultural activities, sowing, harvesting, procurement.
  • Animal husbandry, inland, marine fisheries
  • Health services, air ambulances
  • Banks, e-commerce for essential goods
  • public utilities, power, water, telecom services
  • Industrial, construction work in rural areas
  • All shops except malls


  • Taxi aggregators with 1 driver, 1 passenger
  • Inter-district travel of individuals, vehicles for permitted activities.
  • Four-wheelers to have max 2 passengers besides driver


  • All shops except malls
  • Buses with 50% seating capacity
  • Bus depots can operate with 50% capacity.

What Remains Shut Across All Zones

Travel by air, rail, metro and inter-state movement by road. Educational, coaching institutions. Hotels, restaurants. Cinema halls, malls. Social, political, cultural and other gatherings. Places of worship.

Liquor Shops To Open In Orange, Green Zones

Shops selling liquor and paan masala will be allowed in orange and green zones. A senior MHA officer said that  since the revised guidelines for lockdown had done away with sale of essential and non-essential items in orange and green zones, liquor and paan masala shops will be open there. India have in total 134 red zones, 284 orange zones, and 319 green zones. But all of the above we need to understand this critical situation that the whole world is facing and must follow the guidelines to save not only our lives but the whole humanity. #StayhomeStaysafe Thank you  

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