Covid 19, The Global Pandemic

COVID -19, The Global Pandemic


16th October 2023 | 344 Views

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I hope u all are staying well and taking good care of yourselves amid COVID- 19.These days the entire planet is facing completely unprecedented crisis due to the spread of #Novel Corona Virus. With each passing day the whole planet  speculates a scary increase in number of deaths with a hard heart and still continues to fight against this unfortunate pandemic with a brave and united front. #Social distancing, frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers and using face masks are among the top preventive measures being observed by the citizens to protect against the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic. But the important thing is that while we face the challenging times, we must remember that positive thoughts and kind actions bring a glimmer of optimism in our lives.

The Escalation Of Corona Virus

The 2019 novel coronavirus officially named as COVID- 19 pandemic by WHO, has spread to more than 180 countries including India. Confirmed coronavirus cases increased ten-folds in less than a month, from 100,000 in first week of March to more than one million on 2 April, while more than 52,000 deaths have been reported across the world. Europe has become the new epicentre of coronavirus. The World Health Organisation has declared #coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic. More than 90% of global COVID-19 are currently outside china, which was the first prey of coronavirus. The next worst hit country was Italy, then Iran. And sadly one after the other, the entire planet is affected by the disease. A major lesson that seems to be emerging from media coverage of corona pandemic is that despite being technologically advanced, the super-rich countries with their so-called market driven economic system, can’t fight the pandemic as effectively as the still developing country like India did. Covid 19 Although, total number of confirmed corona cases in India has reached 11,555 and 396 people have died from the highly contagious virus so far.But in spite of that, through quick and decisive action, each of our states had made significant progress in flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID-19 among the broader public.Attempting to blunt the criticism that India had delayed taking preventive steps, the PM said the country began screening at airports even before the first case was detected, started mandatory 14-day quarantine of those arriving in India from abroad.

 People in Biggest Isolation Effort

Taking the battle against corona virus to the next level and for the prevention of harmful effects of novel coronavirus, #Lockdown has been imposed on the whole conrty. This nationwide lockdown draws a line in front of our houses to safeguard us.Perhaps, it it could be difficult for ost of us to cool down our heels at home but, overall  being citizens of India its our moral duty to follow the guidelines of government. What the survey did tell us is that most of the respondents were taking the lockdown very seriously and understand the importance of isolating themselves during this period. Lock Down With the 21-day lockdown period approaching its end, PM Modi in his address to the nation, extended the countrywide lockdown till May 3 suggesting a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19. It was the collective strength and resolve of people that was reflected in the fight against the global health pandemic. Beside lockdown, he had made a unique approach to present obeisance towards our #frontline warriors, i.e.  he made the whole nation clap for them, ask light diyas with a hope that this coronavirus will curb very soon.

Lockdown extension offers scope for relaxations

The extension of the nationwide lockdown was was a foregone conclusion after the centre and the states broadly reached a consensus on the matter last week. In fact. few states had extended the lockdown even before PM Modi addressed the nation Tuesday morning.The much awaited relaxations might be allowed after April 20., but only after strict monitoring and these would be applicable to only those areas where there are no #hotspots. Even as the lockdown has contributed to keeping #coronavirus cases in the country to a manageable level so far, the colossal losses suffered on the economic front- estimated at Rs.  7-8 lakh crore during the 21-day period – would only be compounded by the extension. India would have to bite the bullet sooner or later. From now on, it would require the best of planning and execution to deal decisively with upcoming problems in economy. The pain that we are witnessing with the loss of lives, the struggles, the hardships of Indians are similar to what is happening in every country, the only need is we should unite against this corona virus and vanish this at the earliest.

Hastening in removing lockdown could be menace to humanity

There are few spots of sunshine amid the global gloom- where hope seems to be gaining the upper hand in the all- out war against COVID-19. Despite coronavirus ravaging the countries across the world, despite hundreds or even more deaths every day, there are some places where health officials have noted that the number of patients in intensive care units have dropped in the past few days, offering a glimmer of hope that the surge in critical care hospitalisations might be levelling off. But what happens from here onwards in these countries will go a long way in determining how and when humanity will ultimately prevail over the virus. For the countries that are planning the transition out of stay-at-home restrictions which have placed around half of humanity under some form of lockdown, it is critical to remember that doing so too quickly could prove to be lethal. So, they should give the so-called thought before dumping the entire planet in the pit of death.

Covid Heroes deserves our unending gratitude!

If a doctor remains at home, who will treat the patients in this time of crisis? Armed sometimes with not even proper protective gear- an issue that needs urgent addressing- the real life heroes are working selflessly, bravely confronting the demonic #coronavirus, which is always insidiously hovering over them. They cops fight with remarkable courage, but sadly many of them never get the thanks they so rightfully deserve! The medical providers on the frontline are the people who risk the health of themselves and their families, to make sure that our families are safe. But some doctors and medical workers were evicted from their homes over fear they may be carrying coronavirus with them. This is extremely ridiculous and of course shame to humanity. Covid Heroes Epidemiologists and virologists. Nurses and doctors. Police and plasma donors. Pathologists and paramedics. Teachers and reseraches. Grocers, street cleaners and emergency workers. Sanitation workers, ambulance drivers. Firefighters and first responders. The truck drivers hauling our essential groceries and medical supplies across cities and countries. Government employees and administrators, ensuring the seamless continuity of all basic services. These are our new global celebreties- #unsung heroes on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus. Remember that day that it was all made possible because of these unsung heroes around the world. Their extraordinary sacrifice for the sake of #humanity deserves our unending gratitude.

Need to stand as one

It’s time we accept that God made enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed!  Today we need to focus on community health as the key aspect to individual health. If anything, coronavirus has brought home the harsh lesson that the health of the individual is inextricably linked to that of community. The lockdown has also demonstrated that, when challenged, the community is willing to stand as one and do what it takes to fight back such epidemic. Also, there is atmosphere full of rumors all around, but it’s our responsibility not to participate and avoid such gossips and stop them from reaching at wider base. “Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much.” That message from Hellen Keller is more relevant than ever today.

Learning lessons and being aware

Did we not know deep down in our hearts that we were abusing the elements of nature? The ozone layer has been depleting. The glaciers have been melting. Global warming has been talked about for years now. But did we lend an ear? Everything has been staring us in face, but we chose to turn a blind eye. With one stroke, the Almighty has shown us who the real master is. Today, everything come to a standstill. Why? Because life is valuable than riches, comforts and qualifications. Now, everyone has time to spend with their families.People have taken to yoga or freestyle exercises at home. And most important, #Nature is rejoicing. The birds are singing. The air is pure. The sky is blue again.Perhaps, God wanted that! It’s time we learn our lessons and after the situation get back to normal, may we never take for granted little things that make life worthwhile. May we create a new world full of love, compassion and gratitude. Till then, #StayhomeStaysafe.          

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