Blogging In 2020??


3rd July 2024 | 257 Views

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Blogging in simple terms is the art of putting forward what one thinks about and wishes to share his or her point of view and thoughts with the masses. ‘ Blogging can be of any medium from writing to reviewing, from video logs to meme creators, putting across your personalized thoughts is the key. In layman term, blogging ‘is the art of using a portal to express oneself by displaying information in such an interesting way that people respond back on it and share the content with their fellow friends. ‘A blog is a weblog where people record their opinions in writing, along with photos and videos to support their viewpoint. Here is a brief overview as to how blogging can help you grow professionally: Blogging is a safe and consistent source of money if you follow it through  your passion for writing and expressing your thoughts fearlessly. Some students also wish to pursue blogging as as a helping tool and a platform to express and make a career in something else that interests them. Blogging is so versatile that whatever your goal in life is, it will benefit you in the long run. Blogging not only helps in providing freedom of speech but also helps in enhancing your professional profile. Blogging can give passive income along with the concrete goal you may have set in your life. Blogging can help you reach out to masses including people you might admire and this can enhance your network and horizons. Blogging also helps you establish digital footprints, helping you make a mark in the Google search. Blogging as a career option: Passionate blogging demands a lot of writing skills. Passion is one thing, writing skills are another. Writing skills are the bare minimum that you must know. Good knowledge about the domain and niche is also important to be successful blogger. Passionate bloggers also need to be a readers and writer. One must invest to at least two hours for writing daily, besides reading a lot of content floating around to brush your knowledge with facts. Investing time in reading novels and books is a great idea that will not only help you brush your grammar but also help in upgrading your writing skills. Blogging as a career option needs an early start and a lot of patience. It never guarantees overnight success. It takes a  lot of time and effort and an early start to scroll in the Google Rankings that help in monetizing blogs. Being called a blogger needs an insight that should reflect on what you write and how you write it. It needs discipline and consistency in writing and expressing to be a successful blogger. BLOGGING AS A JOB??? There are many online courses- free and paid both- that can help you become a blogger. A great start is to opt for courses from Unacademy and There are immense blogging and content writing  jobs in the market and there is constant need of writers in marketing and advertising fields. This career options is here to stay as content is the key to everything, be it website content, or writing blogs for a brand as a job or creating a personal blog and sharing knowledge. Bloggers can choose from a variety of streams to write blogs on- fashion, food, lifestyle, technology or one can opt for anything under the sun you wish to share your knowledge and expertise on. There is no limits on how much you can earn through blogging but the minimum pay package for a blogger job is 280,772 annually as per the PayScale website.  Also, according to records, personal bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal  running  makes around  $40,000 per month and that is quite a huge amount! But as things tend to change with evolving technology, the blogging scenario has also changed a lot. One can be a successful blogger and be an influencer too. By monetizing on content and the followers you have, there are brands that not just advertise through traditional print and television and mediums, but also get in touch with social media influencers to post about their product and in turn pay loads of money to these bloggers. What are you waiting for? You can start small from today and keep writing about something that you love are passionate about… GIVE WINGS TO YOUR THOUGTS WITH BLOGGING!!!  

Tejas Gautam



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