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3rd July 2024 | 517 Views

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Can you imagine surving in school or college without friends? Do you think that you could, on every single day, be able to do all things on your own without any support from friends, family or your teachers? Seems hard, no? While I don’t wish to underminethe importance of being independent, I want to remind you that we all exist in trelation with a group of other people. And, we cannot always do things on our own, even if we want to. Newton’s Third law states that for every avtion, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If I may put this in metaphorical sense, we would realise that this holds true in our relationships as well. If you make fun of your friends, they react right? Whatever we do results frm, or in, interaction with one or more individuals. For instance, if you frequently argue with your friends, you might become irritable and distracted and this will prevent you from doing other things. Isn’t it true??? Sociology, the study of society and human relationships, says, that #social relationships place us, as individual, in relation to other individuals. Their actions influence ours and vice-a-versa. Keeping thus in mind, we need to mindfully acknowledge our social relationships. Group Kids Friends Arm Around Sitting Together 1150 3906 But have you ever wondered how you end up with certain friends, family, teachers and other people around you? Well, we don’t choose the ‘family’ we born in, yet we are expected to always support them. They often become our default support systems as well. Imagine how choosing your own parents would be? Would you pick the ones you have now? We also lack the power to choose our community and religion usually, although it varies based on circumstances. Thunk, would you pick the religion you come across, or stay in community yo stay in, or would you choose, something completely different? Now, let’s think about our friends. #Friends are the people we have the power to select and hang out with. Would you choose the same friends you have right now? We decide the emotions we attach to our relationships and assign the value they hold in our lives. In my opinion, even if we want to, we cannot escape them. Therefore, obligation or choice, you have to appreciate the social relationships you share. If you are still not convinced, let’s talk about getting hurt. Does it effect you if your friends don’t tag you on a post on social media? Or forget to invite you to an outgoing? Where does that emotion come from? Is it a result of our own thinking or is it a result of someone else’s actions having an effect on our lives? While, it could be both, but the latter often feels more real, which is why, I believe that we need to acknowledge the presence, the presence, the power and the impact social relationships can have on us. During the times of difficulty, it is the social relationships, we share, that act as our safety net and our support system. These relationships matter when we are going through depression or an identity crises. Family, friends and community are always present around us and while they matter, what also matters is how we maintain these bonds. A psychiatrist, Dr. William Glasser, says that all humans are driven to satisfy five basic needs of survival, love, belonging, power freedom and fun. Research has suggested that the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness with the people we care about is a requisite for satisfying all other needs. Some of us tend to crave attention or try to dominate in various situations with our family and friends, while this is completely natural, we must try ensuring that this doesn’t lead to tension in our social relationships. And, since everyone has the same psychological needs, it is important to fulfill needs in ways that does not stop others from meeting their needs as it may lead to conflicts. Pizhama Vech 16 And if you want to have #good friends, a happy bond with your parents, siblings and other members of your family, then make an effort to spend quality time with them. Do some fun activity together, avoid using your phone when you are with them, talk to those you trust, tell them about your problems and also, offer help when they need it. Remember that good social relationships are not formed by engaging on Facebook or Instagram. So don’t be in a rush to be popular, rather be excited about making a few, if not many, good friendships and healthy and happy bonds with your #Family and Friends! So stay happy and safe…Thanks for watching my blog!      

Sakshi Yadav



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