The Illusion of Buying Happiness!

Illusion Of Buying Happiness

3rd July 2024 | 679 Views

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Money has provided humans with utmost ease and comfort. Today, the general consensus is that every single need of a person who has loads of riches can be fulfilled. But is it the real truth??? Does wealth ensure emotional happiness? It seems like we are lost somewhere in the midst of the vast sea of illusion that this life bring to us. In order to reach to the far stretched horizon, we think that buying things that give us happiness will bring us joy to us. However, in reality we are indirectly trying to buy happiness from fake satisfactory moments that make us believe that we are happy for a while. When the illusion fades away, we are back to reality, in the middle of the sea, still wanting to reach the horizon. And the process of wanting to be happy and then having a momentary contentment of bliss continues until one finds the real source of joy, which is not buying things but feeling happiness consciously. Money Happiness In today’s rat race, people misunderstand happiness. Anything that acts as a distraction from daily monotonous routine of people and relieves their tension serves as a source of happiness to them. When a person gets distracted, the concious layer of thinking becomes numb and one cannot feel the pain/stress or tensions of real life. This is why people confuse between the feelings of distraction and happiness. Because both the feelings discontinue on going mental tension, people generally do not find any difference between two. Additionally, people are also not able to make a distinction between happiness and comfort. Comfort brings distraction to people and  it gives them a false impression of delight. The concept of buying happiness to feel momentarily contented is an absolute misapprehension. Essentially, to distinguish between happiness and satisfaction that momentary comforts provides us, is to take both the feelings seperately. Usually people think that of they have money, they will be happy or if they are happy, money will follow. However,the the reality is that these are independent of each other and follow two different trajectories…. Happiness and monetary satisfaction are like the two seperate gardens of a house. One garden in that backyard of the house and the other garden is at the front of the house . Usually people are only concerned about the outer garden which is visible to everyone and they forget about watering the garden at the back of the house . SO, when the front garden gets destroyed, they do not even have the emotional stability to succumb to, because they never bothered to grow their garden of internal contentment. Hence, the bottom line is that having money or monetary accomplishment is a very glorious and satisfying feeling. Nevertheless, one should pay equal importance to the garden of emotional well being which leads to path to eternal happiness. Wealth is a privilege to be enjoyed but should not be mistaken for happiness. Once a person misunderstands this, he or she can easily lead a life of emotional wellness as well as monetary satisfaction. Fake Happiness “If money could buy us #Happiness then some of the richest people on earth would be more than one million times more happier!” So stay #happy….and thanks for watching the blog!!

Sakshi Yadav




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