Career Choice Made Easy

Career Choice Made Easy In 2019


16th October 2023 | 978 Views

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Each one dreams of a bright career that would give them lifelong happiness. for some, the dream comes true, but for others, due to lack of right awareness, they choose a wrong career which gives them nothing other than frustration. there are various unwanted consultation flowing from every corner and a student becomes confused. with confused state of mind, right career choice becomes impossible. Career Choice This article would wipe out all the confusion, and anyone can easily make a right career choice…..

There are three parameters important for choosing a right career, that is described as under:

  • knowing self
  • knowing the world of the work
  • matching the attributes of self with that of the world of work

Let us understand how to ‘know self’. There are four kinds of students:

  • Academically Oriented
  • Interpersonally Oriented
  • Creatively Oriented
  • Physically Oriented

The academically oriented students are more interested in academics. they are generally designated by their friends as ‘kitabi kida’. these kinds of students are always visible with a book in their hand. they can spend long hours with book and searching a topic over internet. The interpersonally oriented student are the ones who love to talk. they are generally designated by teacher as ‘batuni’. they can not only relate to people, but can comfortably talk to strangers too. The creatively oriented students are good at creative things, like drawing dancing, drama, painting, music etc. they can spend long hours in these activities. they even research on the creative topic of their interest. The physically oriented students energetic, and love sports.  they can spend long hours outdoor and indoor for long suffocates them. getting a bits of opportunities they prefer to be in the school ground.

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There are careers that fit for each of category of children, and if a student choose a career based on their self orientation , they would not only achieve success, but also lead a happy life.

The students with high academic orientation may select science, and orientation may select science, and thereafter pursue Engineering, Architect Mathematician, Scientist, Astronaut,  Naval officer etc. Students who wish to pursue Medical, Nursing, Dentistry, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Vetenarian etc. need to have high academic orientation with ability to memorize long stuff. They need to have the ability to spend long hours with books. A student who excellent in Accounts, Statistics and Economics with high Academic orientation may opt for Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Finance Analyst, Investment  Analyst, Stock Broker, Tax Auditor, Banker etc. Such students must have liking for numbers and data analysis. The students who have mixture of Academic, Interpersonal and creative orientation may go for English, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology etc. based on their interest in specific subject. Such students must have liking for theory and be good in memorization. They need to be good in observation and research too. There are several professions which are associated with Arts, like Editor, Psychologist, Historian, Geographer, Language Trainer, Philosopher, Social Worker, Economist, Writer, Online content writer, etc. If a student has very high Interpersonal Orientation and high academic orientation with interest in logical arguments, politics and social issues, then LAW can be a fascinating career.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT may be opted by students who have high interpersonal orientation and slight academic orientation with leadership personality traits and interest in business transactions.

Those inclined towards cooking and catering may opt for HOTEL MANGEMENT if they have high interpersonal and creative orientation. CAREER IN SPORTS is meant for the students who have physical endurance. Students have high feeling of patriotism with high academic and physical orientation may also choose the wonderful career of DEFENCE SERVICES. There are various off-beat careers available like, Astrobiology, Carpet Technology , Ethical Hacking, Rural Studies, Fishery, Public Health Entomology, Photonics, Habitat Policy an Practice, Museology/Museum studies, Gardening Programme. #Last but not the least…A student, before choosing a career, needs to explore both traditional and offbeat careers too so that they make the right choice!!! Hope this blog of mine will help you pursue #right career! THANKS for watching the blog….

Sakshi Yadav




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