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3rd July 2024 | 195 Views

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So 2020 is finally here, no doubt 2019 was one of the great years, and most of you must have learned so much more. But with the end of the year, it certainly is important to make sure that we do not waste 2020 like 2019.  

1. Do not repeat 2019

So one the major thing to do this new year is to not repeat 2019. I would recommend that you guys go through a quick flashback of each and every major thing you did, focus most of the errors you did in your life and try not to repeat them ever again. Failure is what we all achieve, but the thing that makes you successful is learning from it.  

 2. Fitness

A good new year resolution would be to work on your fitness. This does not involve just physical fitness but mental fitness too. A good beginner exercise would be to just start with running a few miles a day. Running has multiple impacts on your body and would simply result in your better self. Also, control your appetite and eat a bit healthy, just changing a few habits will ultimately stack up and end up improving your immunity. Also tossing a few minutes of meditation in would ultimately result in a better future for you! By this, I do not mean that you should start with exercise 1 hr a day. I mean by just start with 5 or 10 minutes, continue for a month, you yourself will see results.  

3. Side Hustle

Do you feel like you are ready to start a small business? That you cannot simply continue with the job you are doing right now, because you are bored with it? Well, you simply can start a small side hustle online and eventually scale it up. By this, you do not risk your current job and maybe earn a little fortune. You simply can look up lots of things you can do online to make money elsewhere, but I personally will recommend you to start Dropshipping.  

4. Hobby

Start making new hobbies. This is the ultimate thing you can do to become your better self. To unlock the ultimate weapon stored in your mind. Hobbies can be anything, but make sure it doesn’t turn effect your health in a negative way. After all, health is what matters the most. Some of the hobbies I personally suggest are:

  1. Programming: You must be like why programming? Well, have you ever felt the desire to make revolutionary things? Or maybe know the secret behind some truly advanced looking stuff. Programming is everything in this world. One of the most important benefits is that it unlocks your mind true capacity. It makes you more logical. Makes your smarter, certainly not geeky as others say!
  2. Reading: Wait hold on a second, does milyin ultimately turn me into a geek? Well obviously no! Reading has its own advantage, reading takes you to another world. Reading gives you the knowledge, reading improves your vocabulary and improves your grammar. And certainly, others won’t make a fuss that, why you are always in front of a screen.
  3. Meditation: We all know the benefits of meditation or the power of meditation we just need to bring it in our day to day life. Making it a hobby will ultimately help you in the long run.
  4. Hobby: THe best hobby is to make new hobbies every now and then. Making hobbies will give you more exposure to the world, and learning from it will make you a better person.
  5. Language: I would recommend you to learn a new language this year and become fluent at it. After all, it will make you understand a different culture and a whole lot of different community.

Well, this was the list I made that will suit most of the world. If there is a hobby you would want others to adapt in your life, then please comment it down below, after all, it can make a change in a person’s life! #2020 #resoultions #newyear #newyearresolution #hobby #fitness  

Thanks for reading! Hope it made a difference!
Yug Agarwal



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