Is DuckDuckGo Better For Privacy? Difference between DuckDuckGo and Chrome


16th October 2023 | 411 Views

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Google Chrome the most popular browser will someday be dethroned. Today we compare Google Chrome and DuckDuckGo. Which is better for your privacy? So many of us use chrome, use Google search and go to unsecured site in day to day life, and it’s obviously not possible to take all the security precautions in day to day life as sometimes we just need to check some solutions, we like an ad and click on it feeling that the ad is legit and will take us to a secured website, but then it’s very possible that the site is fraud and the ad you clicked might have installed a small file sometime in form of a cache or cookies and is working as a virus.  Let’s talk about what cookies or cache is: A cookie is a small piece of code saved by the website you visited to save some small details like your login information or if you were playing a game, then maybe your progress.  Well these cookies can sometimes help you if you are in a hurry, but can be equally dangerous. Cache works in a similar way, its a small piece of information stored in your system and is generally inaccessible.

So now we are clear with cookies and cache, let’s talk about what DuckDuckGo really is:

  DuckDuckGo is really not that different from chrome or Google, it’s both a browser and a search engine, the key difference is that #Google saves up your history, your online settings, everything you go through, whereas DuckDuckGo doesn’t. It has a feature to clear all data and history as soon as you leave the PC. It doesn’t let other files to be downloaded that easily. If you really care about your #PC #security,I highly recommend you DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo How does DuckDuckGo keep you safe? Well mainly it doesn’t let other website to collect any data from you, and when you click on to go to a website by clicking the link, it redirects you to the website in such a way that the #website know there is a viewer but doesn’t understand how he got there. When you use another browser such as chrome, it collects all the data from you like, your IP address, what you search, what time you search, etc and based on this they can track and profile you, and maybe show ads on your interest, but can also be paid to those willing to buy it. The reason this happens at core level, is that, for companies like Google, their major source of income is Ads. And key to profitable Ads is to know the likes and dislikes of user. Which companies like Google do, by collecting our data. Companies which are not into ad business or the ones which do not have any history of misusing your data, can be trusted for your privacy. DuckDuckGo is perfect for it. Moreover DuckDuckGo rather helps you avoid ads. It basically doesn’t collect your data and doesn’t let other site to collect data, so all your information is secured. Conclusion: I highly recommend DuckDuckGo as it’s basically Google or chrome browser except it doesn’t threaten your security/privacy and you have one less thing to worry about. Comment if you think it’s worth a shot? To use #DuckDuckGo instead of Google Chrome

Thanks for reading! Hope it made a difference!
Yug Agarwal



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