Leran To Love What You Do For A Living



16th October 2023 | 2176 Views

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Some of us are foolish enough not to love what we do for a living. We keep on dreaming of something else we may get at later date. The grass is always greener on the other side of fence, or the surf ad, uski saree meri saree se safaid! Think of your own ways as mental reminders and changes. Make a account of your wealth and wisdom. If you have a healthy wife, write it down. If you have a healthy son write it down. Let us say he is not good in studies. Write it down on the other side, and then make an action plan to improve him over a period of time, say, 3 years! You cannot do it in a jiffy! Happiness is a positive cash flow. This is not dependent upon how much you earn but how much you save! There are two ways yo increase your cash flow and your happiness: by reducing your demands or by increasing your income. Demands you can reduce now, while income takes time to increase. Whether you earn Rs. 9000 or Rs. 90,000 per month, the same rule apply. MAKE HAPPINESS YOUR GOAL… In my opinion it is not being selfish to aim for your happiness with some amount of common sense. Here is my excellent discovery: Make yourself #Happy First, Your Family Second! – If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap… – If you want happiness for a day, go on picnic… – If you want happiness for a week, go on a vacation… – If you want happiness for a month, get married… – If you want happiness for a year, inherit wealth… BUT IF YOU WANT HAPPINES FOR WHOLE LIFE….THEN! Count your blessings.Don’t worry… #BE HAPPY THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Sakshi Yadav



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