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Basics Of Photography


16th October 2023 | 137 Views

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What is Photography :

Photography is the skill to take and know photography. It can be simply be done by a mobile camera but can be taken to next level by a professional camera like a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (dslr) or a Mirrorless Camera. In this blog I am not going to discuss about videography as it is a completely different concept and be sure to wait for it in my next blog.

How to take Photos :

Most of the time people take photos quickly without even looking at the picture, framing and highlights. These photos are mostly taken by mobile with auto mode which in some cases works just fine but not all the time. I prefer you to learn how to work in the pro mode and if it is not in your mobile then download open camera app free in the store (Mobile).

Mobile :

In mobile, go to the pro mode or the open camera app to access the features of a professional camera. You can see options like manual focus which is to be used on steady shots when you don’t want anyone to put out your focus, ISO which is used to set the Luma in the shot a.k.a. Brightness, then comes the white balance to set the highlights and whites in the image and lastly the Shutter Speed which decides all the options to be set accordingly. Shutter Speed is to be set according to the motion in the shot, too much motion means higher shutter speed and it also affects the Luma in the image.

Professional Camera :

It is the best thing that you can shoot at. But these things are really expensive, it is better to search for a good camera in your price range. This ensures your needs. Almost all the inner options are same as I told you in mobile ones but in includes lenses and dial focus. You can set focus length in these cameras along with dial focus. 5 – 18 mm is the wide angle lens, 18 – 55 mm is normal shoot lens and 55 – 250 mm is the zoom lens.

Accessories :  

There are many accessories to shoot properly… Tripod : It is the simple three leg camera stand to take steady shot and is completely adjustable. Gimbal : These are very expensive and are used to stabilise the hand moment. Lens Hood : These are only for cameras to reduce lens flares. Lenses : These are the different focal lengths for a camera. Filter : These are to provide simple cinema look to your shot.  




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