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Welcome to another update from Milyin. And we are really excited, there are really great things and improvements that have come to Milyin. And we are sure that you will love them. The new Scroll Indicator is a wonderful use of screen real estate. Earlier Milyin used to have a horizontal scroll indicator on top of the viewport. Now the newer scroll indicator is directly  ontot Scroll To Top Button” The new indicator is circular and us unified with the scroll to top, making things simple.

Dark Mode

This time it is a major one. The dark mode is loved by all, and we have recieved praise by many people. But it was well known that it was slow. Most of the time, the page initially loaded with light mode, and quickly made it dark. It was fast, yet the lag could be known. This time we are using different strategy to solve this problem. Now we have an improved much advanced dark mode for logged in users. Earlier dark mode, had the processing for the mode done on frontend, which meant after page loaded, the dark mode would get applied. With the new strategy, we store the theme state on our servers. Meaning the processing for the theme happens before the page loads, therefore drastically improving the performance and application time of dark mode. We must inform you that this strategy only works for logged in state, because we don’t store the toggle state per device, rather we remember it for the logged in user. This means if a particular user turns on a dark mode on any given device, then he will be served dark mode content for all devices. For logged out users, they would be served the earlier version of dark mode only.


Introducing Milyin Downloadable Creations. A new type of creation, and a one of it’s kind experience. Traditionally Milyin Creations, were used to write, add images, tags and enjoy the experience. This seemed to work pretty well. But now we are expanding further from just written, we are adding Downloadable to Milyin. These creations would be basically creations, which have a link to sell downloadable files. For example, a book writer traditionally would write, about his book, and give a summary for his book. Similarly many photographers, and many other creative professionals love Milyin. But they want to sell there creative work too. So with Milyin Downloadables, you can set the posttype to downloadable, and then add link for the file you want to sell. For example a book writer can upload the file to Google Drive and put the link for selling the downloadable file in the link area. Then he can set the price, download limit and download notes. By this way the Creator made a digital product which users can buy. After publishing, people would be able to visit creation, and besides the normal content, would be greeted by a add to cart button. If users buy, they would be given the link which you typed in, and therefore they would get access to the actual downloadable file. Essentially you are selling the file, in a creation.

Policy Changes

Milyin needs to accommodate the changes to the systems, for which we need to have update for our policies. We just updated our policies and the major changes to the policy were were for Creation Policy, because we wanted to ellaboratly document the new Downloadables. Besides this we better described the definition of “views” for our platform in order to prevent any confusions. There are also some minor changes to the privacy policy, all there changes have come to effect from 10th October, 2019. You are requested to read the policies again, to understand your rights and duties towards Milyin.


Milyin Stats is a much demanded, much requested and a much awaited feature. Everyone wants to know how good are there posts performing and how good did a particular post went. We shall show the income earned for each post, and the income earned from words, views etc. If the post is a downloadable, we shall show you the statistics of downloads. Till now Milyin had the things very scattered. We have combined them all in one page Milyin Stats. It’s a amazing new page, that shows the Lifetime views, words, images and comments for each and every post. After that it shows daily stats, analytics about how you perform day over day. The stats page shall be for all your posts, and its much needed thing. We have added this page to the navigation bar also, under the ‘Creators’ Menu Item. It also shows your total income, money that has been paid to you and your due amount. It is really advanced, and we have integrated Downloadables very well into it. We hope enjoyed this Update About Milyin…


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