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Woman Anti to Woman

16th October 2023 | 7 Views

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My son was intern in one of biggest hospital of India. He was posted in Haryana state.As we all know Haryana is famous for female foetecide.So much so that the sex ratio is 900  females to 1000 males.

My son’s friend Suresh used to visit our house.It so happened he was from Haryana.Jokingly he will tell me,” dear aunty I can not get a good match to marry, as girl who was destined to marry me was killed in female foeticide drive of Haryana.” I used to feel sad for him but had no courage to express my sadness in front of him.

My son was posted in Haryana as an intern, and at 2.30 in the night a woman came with labor pains.

The protocol demands that doctor on duty to do a per vaginal examination and decide whether to admit or refer depending upon the effacement/dilatation of the cervix/previous history.

The woman was in labor was accompanied by  her mother in law  and sister in law at 2.30 in night. My son was the only doctor on duty and their first demand was  – they want a female doctor.

When they realized that my son was the only doctor on duty, they finally agreed to have an examination done by my son.

The woman in labor was sufficiently dilated and my son  asked the nurses to admit her.

 It was her first child.As luck would have it, woman  gave birth to girl child.

Their concerned faces(the mother in law and her sister) who only wanted a female doctor to examine her suddenly turned upside down.They told my son ‘If it was a male child, it would have been less painful for the mother with the labor pains and less painful for us too’

The same mother in law and sister in law who were refusing her(the woman with labour pain) to be examined by a male doctor(my son) and wanted a female doctor  to examine their daughter in law now suddenly were sad that she gave birth to a female child.

My son told me above listed story.I at once remember dear Suresh my son’s good friend

I immediately thanked God being so nice to this universe and for creating male and female in equal ratio.I am so much worried if this equal ratio is distorted what will happen to this universe—-God only knows

Sukarma Thareja

 Alumnus IITK 1986



Sukarma Thareja



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