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So welcome back to another major update of Milyin. Month after month, things are changing and improving. We have shifted our hosting services from GoDaddy to Siteground, all to have faster speed and much better performance, they give the ability to expand Milyin in future. They will allow us to serve around 25,000 visitors per month. Due to same reason Milyin faced a lot of downtime in the past one week, but operations have now normalized and things have now fine tuned, we now work smoothly. Another new set of improvements, and this time much demanded thing, is the transitions, now turning on dark mode, toggling menu options, toggling actions of Private Messages, all will have smooth and amazing transitions. This is done to make user experience more pleasing and smooth. And now we are proud to introduce easy saving at milyin. Earlier clicking the save button would lead to a page reload, but now the posts update without reload, you can remain in distraction free mode and full screen mode, and clicking the save button will keep you where you are, while things will update in background, the button will change color and text to inform you if there was a error, or if the post saved successfully. The transitions for the save button are also amazing clicking the button will slowly fade into various colors for the time till the post saves. One of the improvements is Private Messages. Private Messages performs now 45% faster, and now has better positioned and more easily accessible buttons along with actions. The After Content portion which show cased author name and Creator bio and few other things is gone. There is new sticky menu sticked to bottom of the page. So you can easily get to know about Creator, you can follow him and if you scroll horizontally, you are greeted with Table of Content in case the post has headings, scrolling further gives you some more options and toggles, you can toggle dark mode directly from there, if you are the Creator of the currently open Creation, then you will see new and edit buttons for the post. At last you also have extra information about the post including some meta data which earlier used to be at top of post. Social Login for Milyin, which allowed login and registration from Google, had been buggy and messed up ever since, we have corrected it, with better design and a confirmed functionality, it just works. Our Service Workers have updated now we use Workbox for better performance, Workbox is a already amazing JS, that allows PWAs to perform fast, smooth and transparently.


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