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In the past 2 months things have improved for the better and the greater. Milyin had quite Follower system as well as Real Time Notifications released when we last time updated. In the past 2 months we have very well updated and improved  in the past 2 months to a large extent. There are lot of efforts made to fine tune to systems internally. The past 2 months have been spend to optimize the features. The Ship and Iterate strategy prevails. We build great features and then improve them further on till perfection. Besides the page load time, we have been hard at work to reduce the page load size also. We are combining lots of files and writing smaller effecient code for our software and systems. We usually believe in unconventionality, but we are quick to correct our mistakes. Our really amazing and praised Dark Mode was a good move ever since. But after seeing Apple WWDC with iOS Dark Mode, and examining Google Dark Modes, we realized that we were using a wrong shade of blacks. The Dark Mode on Milyin that you see right now is 50% darker than what it was about a month ago. Besides this we positioned the jQuery better and wrote it differently, so that the time it takes for dark mode to get engaged in it is less, making it faster. Milyin PWA is also by far more improved and optimized. The newer PWA is much more advanced and we have been hard at work over it. The PWA automatically update when you visit Milyin. The Content Creation interface has improved further on. One of the most favorite and most admired feature is the Full Screen View. The full screen view prevents scrolling while typing and allows easy access to Editing Formatting Tools. The editing/formatting tools in Milyin are refreshed. Besides the menubar, we now we have added a toolbar also, with the commonly used tools directly available from there. There is a just arrived new feature at Milyin. The right click menu in the Creation Interface now includes quick tools like Bold Italics, Underline and Link. These features have made Milyin a better platform. There is another redesign coming to Milyin. The existing Content Creator box at bottom of the post is about to see a major upgrade. The scroll percentage and many other elements would be redesigned and would be very much improved and easily recorganizeable. It would be available on all posts with a swipe gesture also.


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