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Milyin has been growing fast, and on our mission to ensure that all the people can follow there passion, and we ensure that they can leverage us to fuel there dreams. Milyin is it’s mission is constantly iterating and improving itself. Here are the key milestones that Milyin went by in the past 2 months.


The Dark Theme, and PWA saw many code base improvements so that it can be optimized and the design be improved. The transition has been improved and refined. The splash screen that greets you while any URL loads has been given it’s own smooth fade out transition.

In order to speed up our website and improve it’s performance over all, we have used custom codes rather than plugins. The custom codes plugin is tailor made and ensures that it is the best in terms of performance and functionality. We have been able to reduce over 15 plugins from our side, without removing any feature. Infact there are a bundle of features that are added instead.

Milyin has had new Header images to be seen on top of all pages, all designed and created by @sgtxgaming. Milyin has also redesigned the homepage. In our quest to reduce plugins, and optimize code, the new home page is made all by custom code and is all beautifully designed as always.


Another major set of changes, these one being major feature introductions are, followers/following system. Milyin like other social media platforms now shows a button to follow/unfollow Content Creators across the site. The system works similar to conventional systems as you would be familiar in many social media platforms. This means we have also finished the subscribe system with which you could subscribe to posts of any Content C

Milyin has introduced Verified Users and Activity Status. Activity Status is a green light that you would see in front of name of any user if he is online at that point and time. This can help you know which of your friend is there exploring the latest Creations at Milyin or chatting with other content creators.


Verified Users are also, similar to conventional social media, some accounts are thoroughly verified upon request and they receive a blue tick which is a symbol of authentic accounts. You can always trust the accounts having blue tick to be original, authentic and legitimate accounts.

We at Milyin have also replaced the earlier email notifications which talked about account activity, are now replaced with Real Time AJAX based popup notifications, which can be configured in account settings too.

Hope you loved the updates and latest milestones that Milyin achieved. Always remember “It’s The Passion That Matters”


SEO or search engine optimization is a important part of whatever we do. And it is a important portion to ensure that Content Creators earn better. For improving the SEO, we have taken many steps.

Along with limiting meta description to 155 characters as it is optimum length, we have also added meta tags to all our posts.

Along with that as discussed earlier the speed of page load has also seen manifold jump in it, and speed being a important aspect of SEO, would definitely impact the search results. At present there is no page at Milyin that takes more than 2.1 seconds to load, and same should you see with the Creations you write. Though the mileage may vary depending on the size of the page.

At present Milyin has about 60k web impressions on Google, and about 90k impressions of images on Google. We hope to see a upward trend with it.

Along with this we are proud to announce, that Milyin has upgraded it’s domain registaration also. With the new one being at Cloudflare. The Cloudflare domains have faster DNS, and better services, we hope it will make your experience at Milyin Better.

Another important notice is that we have deleted our LinkedIn account. No it is not some strike or penality, it is intentional. We are now available at Twitter, Instagram, and also at Pinterest. This will support our move to have better culture at Milyin.


It's The Passion That Matters

Milyin Creators



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