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Milyin has had a great start, thanks to you all. From a point where we were just begginers we have got to learn a lot, here is the summary of what we have done and what we are planning to do in future.


Milyin has been running on a managed WordPress hosting from GoDaddy, though it worked fine, but it was slow, Milyin decided to get caching engines to boost its speed and bring load time to under 2 seconds. We have set up CDN from wonderful people at Cloudflare.


Milyin started as a 2 member team, and has now grown to 13 members, all devoted to telling their own story, and working to create great platform. Milyin team will keep expanding, to provide you great stories.


Being an open platform, security was a must, and we wanted to ensure that we don’t have a data leak like Facebook, we have added SSL, and HTTPS protocols to website to ensure the same.


Milyin got it’s Adsense enabled in around 10 days from its start, this including time taken by Google to process it. Milyin has not generated much income but we will keep improving on that.


User Experience, is one thing that has gone a long way but still has a long way to go. We added option to subscribe to authors. Also added author bio in bottom of posts. Though they are helpful, but there are far more things on our checklist, including ability for MILYINers to schedule their posts and subscription box for readers to see MILYINers they have subscribed to.


Milyin is planning to add pages for MILYINers to see their statistics and see income they have generated, better colours. We have also improved css which is on its way, we are working on keeping about the author, subscribe and like buttons all in one place above the posts rather than below. We have just launched our email notification for posts sent to anyone who subscribes that author. Help pages are being tested and will roll out within few days time


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