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Steve Jobs: Reality Distortion Field Part 2

Steve Jobs #RealityDistortionField, has a wide range of public use. Not just #SteveJobs, but many other examples can be found of Reality Distortion Field. They would help you understand it better. Ever ask #Olympic Athletes if they are nervous for there game, there reply more or less means the same. Olympic Athletes say we are not nervous we are excited. What are symptoms for nervousness, your heart beat increases, you start to sweat. What are symptoms of excitement… Just the same. The point is reality distortion field is just a change of perspective. Unlike #manipulation where you present something wrong, or technically you lie, but in reality distortion field is when you present a point that is not lie, but that is not really true also. Take my favorite example, when Microsoft launched there Zune PDA, they marketed some X GB storage. When Apple had launched there iPod they said 1000 songs in your pocket. The point is that it may or may not hold a thousand songs. But the perspective that they presented allowed them to sell to like hot pancakes. They just but the things into different perspective. This is the beauty of Reality Distortion Field, in manipulation you lie in order to gain edge over others. In Reality Distortion Field, you get even greater edge, and you don’t lie. You just present a different perspective. A perspective that makes other person feel good Another thing is that it does ensure that another person doesn’t get to know about it. In manipulation if a person has moderate knowledge also, you can be could in the act. But in case of Reality Disrortion Field that is not the case.

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