Great Leaders Explain How to Find Your Passion and Become Successful

Great Leaders Tell How to Find Your Passion And Become Successful

16th October 2023 | 117 Views

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How to Find Your Passion And Become Successful. Passion is Everything, and as we say it’s The Passion That Matters. Here are tips, on how to find your passion and become successful. Passion is when you do something you love and try to succeed including making career in it. Really less people are able to find there passion and love life and those who do find passion, they change the world in an unimaginable manner. Today we will give you tips

Steve Jobs Way To Find Your Passion

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneur of all times. He very well said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. He was a passionate person. He found his passion at a early age. His life story can help you understand how to find your passion and become successful by facing all hardships. Steve Jobs became a millionaire at 24, and was removed from company he found at age of 30. But still he loved what he did. He still wanted to do the exact same things, and as a result started new companies NextSTEP and Pixar. Pixar today lives in heart of Disney, and NextSTEP software lives on core of Apple. In 1994, Apple had acquired NextSTEP to get the software and Steve Jobs came back to Apple. Had we went on for profitabilty he would have changed the industry.And today he would have not been known. We need to love what we do. This would help us constantly persevere and move towards our passion unidirectionaly. If I love writting stories on this platform then i will keep writting, if you love travelling then you have to go their and be with your passion. He was rejected but he was still in love. That’s the beauty of passion. You know that you have found your passion, this a great example to tell how to find your passion. Steve Jobs being still passionate about his work started again, and passion drives you through all hard ships and difficult times. to find your passion.

Justine Musk’s Advice On How to Find Your Passion

Justine Musk a successful writer and a wonderful human, wrote in a answer on Quora about How to Find Passion and succeed with it. She very well told that passion is something you love. At any point and place in life if you find yourself really energised and willing to do a particular task, note it down in a notebook or dairy. Keep doing it till you make a list. Then try connecting the dots and common things about most of those activities. That common thing of all those activities that you love to do is your passion. It would take you some time, it would take you days to make a list of things you truly like and then lot of time again to figure out the common among all those activities. The basic concept is that if you loved to do a particular type of work over and over again and again then that is your passion, making a that field your career and goal if life is sure to make you help find your passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thoughts on How To Follow Your Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk is a motivational speaker. According to him a majority of people in the world do jobs and work in companies they hate just because they have not found there love and passion. Here’s the thing, it’s better to face the heat and gain success following your passion than to have shit and keeping doing shut while crying and dreaming for success. He gives a method where u should ask almost all your good friends well wishers and known ones to tell one thing that you are best at and the thing you are worst at. The result would be that you would know what you are good at and therefore it will help you find your passion. Another important thing about how to find your passion is that you should never consider materialistic things, like money as a factor. One thing you should know about how to find your passion is that remember money is the fuel money is not the result money is the cause. You can’t love money or be good at money or like earning money. “People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most Beautiful Destination” you should love the journey you should love the work and not the result.

Simon Sinek’s How To Find Your Why

Simon Sinek is another motivational speaker. He has given a different concept of finding your cause or dream or ambition. He very well tells how to work and achieve your passion goals. How to Find Your Passion is just half part of story, he says Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your work and life. He has talked about importance of leadership and thought process, according to him on your journey of how to find your Passion, you should always have a bias for your team and your goal, you should be willing to sacrifice your finances for your people.

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