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Milyin Upgrades This may sound a bit wierd from traditional style of updates Milyin has, but this is a upgrade. Milyin has been working on arding functionality to website. We have added system for users to like and dislike our stories. We have added option to subscribe author to get notification for post by any author. We also have added about the author in bottom, with social links of author including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. We also have added icons to menu, for making things more accesible. We also have made some menus which are only visible for logged in users. The best part is still left. We added members latest being our buddy Samarth. We have added a CDN to our website for better speed and delivery of website, we have been successful in compressing website by 45% and increase speed by twice.

Milyin has just upgraded itself to SSL security. It is a added layer of security, that also includes the fact that Milyin would now use HTTPS protocols, ditching the HTTP protocols.
This is done in order to secure your data. Also Google ranks secure sites higher in searches, leading to overall benefit to Milyin. Milyin has also upgraded its caching tools, for more cache memory and better performance.
Though for more menory, Milyin needed to dump previous memory, as a result the website may feel slow for next 10-12 hours. Though with these upgrades we expect our load time to reach under 3 seconds by tomorrow.
There some issues, that are temporary, for eg. Ads are not visible at present. They would be fixed, we rolled out these upgrades because it was necessary for a site that has posted 79 blogs, and has been adding more and more members, latest addition being Samarth, who has been a great friend of ours. We welcome all members to Milyin


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