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First of all,I am also an youtuber.It is tough for a person to alocate his/her talent in person but youtube is a platform through which a person can show his/her talent or passion to millions of people all over the world.As i first started many said that it is a waste of time but i believed in myself and continued on the path of youtubing.I got a whole bunch of friends on youtube and also met new friends as well as old friends and reunited with them.Youtube is just like a family to me.On youtube people only seek for a contentful channel not a quality one.If there are two people one with content and fare amount of devices and on the other a person with all the latest devices.The person with content will succeed in this career.And the biggest thing is that one should never come on youtube to earn money.Earning money is a side thing but content is the main thing.So never hasitate to express your passion cause its your thing and no one can steal it from you.And one can opt youtube as a career.

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