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Video Softwares

16th October 2023 | 116 Views

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What is Its Use?

These are the softwares which are used for composing and editing raw video footage. The best results are observed in raw, v-log footage so that it can be edited to fill up with colours and compositing.

What are the softwares?

1. Sony Vegas Pro 15 2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC and CS6 3. Adobe After Effects 4. Final Cut Pro X 5. Da Vinci Resolve

Best Compositing Softwares :

Best Compositing software is the Adobe After Effects which is the best to make 2D rendering with plug-in support and many other features. Most of the people use this to make their own video and is not much focused on editing.

Filmmaking :

Filmmaking is mostly used in films to provide a pleasing color graded result. Best softwares are Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve. These are used for masking, colour grading, and cinematography. Positive side is that Da Vinci Resolve is for Free.

Footage Editors :

These includes software like Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro X which are used for easy and quick editing of normal youtube videos or quick play of videos. Many gaming or vloging YouTubers use these softwares to get a good result and no time. These softwares are also the fastest in rendering.




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