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So we have completed 8 months at Milyin, and this is first update in this new year. So one of the major changes has been in region of Content Creation

We have added a dedicated page for Draft Creations, so that you don’t have to go down in the list to find the posts at which you have been working.

With the draft Creations, we have also reworked the new creations page. Now we have a new upload interface for featured image, with advanced gallery which can be used to access all images, crop them, optimize them or even add alt text.

The earlier system had the problem that image got uploaded only after clicking publish/save button this is not the case now.

We have also introduced the capability to edit excerpt, and given the ability to allow or disallow comments and pingbacks. These additional features have been fully rolled out, though slight design optimizations will continue.

We have also improved the asthetics of the text editor, with better colors, and rounded edges. These apt spacings and designing makes it Material Design 2.0 compliant and gives it a mordern look.

We also have introduced reading time, that can be seen near the title of post. It tells the approximate time, that you will require to read the whole post.

Another great feature is the progress bar. On top of each post there if a blue ‘progress bar’ which is visible when you scroll through the post. It grows from 0 to 100 as you scroll from top to bottom, it looks cool, and is handy when reading long posts.

We have also improved contact us page, with added ability to request inclusion in auto links, appeal against a Creation marked as moderated, request username change, and many other wonderful features, the newer contact us oage is far more intiutive.


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