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6 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business and Do Marketing (At No Cost)


16th October 2023 | 125 Views

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Managing Businesses to make promotion productive. I am going share you some key ways to promote business in manner that impacts people into there soul and has high conversion rate. Check this image. This a great advertisment by The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961. And this image makes a impact, it image inspires you, it appeals to your sentiments, it doesn’t tell you why you should save paper, but it makes you feel it in heart. One thing that most bad companies with  products do is tell they have ‘great features.’  And they try to influence people with it. This never happens, one has to make impact at sentiments, of the people, in order to have great conversion rate. Now imagine this advertisment instead. Both advertisments for sure were seen by roughly the same number of people and same no. of people would have properly noticed it, but the first one, would have made a impact, it made you feel that as you take out a page, you are destroying a portion of earth, even without reading a word on first advertisment it could make impact but in second even if you read that big save paper text, you will not be that moved. And what they basically do is that run a business like ‘beggars’. A beggar always says ‘i have kids, i have loans, i need food, and i need home’. They make people feel that they are qualified to be begger. What do businesses do, we have newer manufacturing techniques better quality, high standards and sattisfied customers. You don’t need to have a bank balance for promoting your business, all you need is strategy and presence of mind. So let’s get started: We will be discussing 7 great ways to promote your business in those impactful, manners. These ways would inspire your customers and with no investment you can promote your business.

Promote Business: Sell a Lifestyle

Good companies sell products, great companies sell lifestyle.


A successful promotion will talk about a life. A lifestyle and way of doing things. Below is a advertisment from Zomato, a food ordering service like Uber Eats, existing in India. This ad is half just white space, and doesn’t have even a human. But this ad talked about a way of living. This ad never talked about ‘free delivery’ or ’30 Minutes Delivery’, this ad just presented a lifestyle. And had a major ‘J’ curve in there growth.

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Promote Business Word Of Mouth

We know that the best way to promote your brand is the word of mouth. If you have great product and sold with good will then it shall definitely be hot pancakes. Your product if has a particular lifestyle changing thing in it, then it will definitely have good word of mouth. This is really important, years ago no one thought of shopping things online, only way to buy something was to visit a physical shop. Amazon changed it all.

Word Of Mouth is super important, because starting a Business is one thing, but making it profitable is a lot bigger than that. Word Of Mouth is really important for it.

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Amazon gave free deleiveries to customers, and changed the lifestyle of people, what this resulted in was that a great word of mouth spread the talk of Amazon and it became famous. Amazon founder and currently the richest man in world Jeff Bezos stated:

Promote Business: Public Events and Practicing Speech

You can promote a business by having mass events and organising keynotes for your company more often than not people consider it difficult, and don’t do it. You simply can do it with simple tricks, like ask your friend about how he liked your product, simply listen to his review. He shall may be like or be dislike it. In both cases it will give you the way to present it right. Now you need to have a end in mind. When you have the end result of the event or the intent of the event in mind, and present it nicely, the people will be more patient while listening to you and would open up to your thoughts. Not even mass events, in small get-togethers, or friends birthday party during any discussion if you talk about it naturally then you have played the trick.


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Promote Business: Marketing is About Values

Great companies talk about there believes, a great company usually inspires you. The brand can still sell due to the image and belief of brand if product reflects it. No other company shows it better than Apple. Apple during it’s 1998 MAC commercial talked about the right marketing strategy. They said that a great company talks about beliefs. Giving analogy of Nike they state that Nike never talks about how great there products are. They credit and give recoganisation to athletes. They honour them. And at this belief and support to athles that seprates it from competition. And when people wear Nike they have that atheletic feeling, and feel that energy in them. Marketing is about values. This is the speech in which Apple’s CEO that time, Late Steve Jobs, talks about marketing and the formula for becoming trillion dollars brand.

Promote Business with an Official Website

Till now, we have discussed the general ways you should consider starting a business and promote it organically. Now, you have to also consider some technical aspects of the business. The first and the foremost way should be building your company’s website. You can direct your visitors to your website so that they are able to gather as much information as they can about your product. This way people will start to know you more and if they like the way you represent, then they will share it. For starting a website, you have to first buy a domain in your company’s name and hosting from a reputable company. I would recommend you to purchase a shared hosting plan from Bluehost. Check the current pricing here to get 60% off. For much information, I would recommend you to just read blogs on Backlinko, Neil Patel or just visit the YouTube channel Income School. They will help you understand better for raising your business  

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