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What Are They :

Basically membrane keyboard is your normal everyday keyboard that you use. Mechanical keyboards are usually based for gamers and coders. Membrane keyboard was a new technology in the 90s while the first keyboard was mechanical. Mechanical keyboards are overall better than the membrane keyboards while they cost cheaper. Yes, mechanical keyboards are costlier and heftier. So the question is why do we need these keyboards? Lets find out.

Mechanical Keyboard :

These keyboards are much nicer for gaming and typing. They contain a switch individually on each key which is much faster than the membrane keyboards. All switches are mechanically functioning and provide much comfortable and faster experience. They are normally of three types : Blue, Red and Brown. Blue switches are clickey and just sound like a typewriter. Red switches are Silent and are the best switch for gamers. Brown switches are super silent and mostly for the writers. But you can all your work in each key and the main difference is sound and feel.

Membrane Keyboard :

As per the name, they contain a sheet of pressure membrane which works when pressed completely. These are much slower and mushy. These are not comfortable after a long typing or a gaming session. But, it also have it own benefits. These can be made flexible and super compact that you can carry it as a mobile or even thinner. These keyboards are common in laptops. The trend was stared by Apple Inc. which is now everywhere. But the most common problem is ghosting and rollover that is missing in mechanical keyboards.

Which One To Buy :

If you travel a lot with a keyboard or your desk is very small, go for membrane keyboard and if you are the pro gamer or a typist, I prefer you to invest in a mechanical keyboard.

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