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Apple: Again The Ship that Sinks From Top

16th October 2023 | 104 Views

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Apple, has been having a lot of negative review among piblic for the past one and a half year. And this bad trend was seen in 1990s when Apple was about to get bankrupt. That time Steve Jobs entered Apple for his second innings, and Apple took of again. This time around You can’t expect Steve Jobs getting up from his grave to take charge of stuff. Tim Cook has to do something on his own. Steve when came back said Apple was like ship sinking from top and his job was to get it in right direction. Like that time direction is more or less simple and we will discuss it later. And it is easy as Apple has no bank balance problems yet. WWDC starts at 4th June at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. And here’s my take on what Apple should do, though not necessarily what Apple is going to do this time around.


Apple will give us insight of the newest iteration to iOS, known as iOS 12. iOS 11 was highly buggy though majorly due to Face ID and revamped interface for there iPhone X. Thiugh there gestures were not buggy for swipes for Home, Recent Apps etc. Though there were many bugs overall, also Apple should have worked over improvements to Face ID to improve it in terms of speed.


MacOS X High Sierra has been a smoother run in past. Though it is worth taking note the recent security issue hich we have seen. Also I believe MacOS has been stangnant in past recent time. Also the insights will give hint if notches are coming to Macs or not.

Air Power

Air Power has been something that has seen positive reaponse among folks for long time. The thing is wait is not acceptable. The soution to charging problem was announced at 12th September 2017, at iPhone X launch event. And the release was said for next year and If June can’t be considered proper next year then I don’t know what can be. We want it and would be a hot sale. This would play a role if implemented properly to get The ship in Right Direction

Air Pod

Apple has a good luck with their AirPods and that id good for them when Pixel Buds if anyone re!mbers them failed to make a impact on them. Air Pods wireless charging case would be important if they bring up Air Power to market.

iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 which has seen many rumours, has not had much updates in past some time, we are sure that there are no new iPhones being announced this time around. But we can have some Sneak Peak for it in some time. Overall Apple has got everything they need to get there maguc back for iPhone, iPAID… I mean iPad, AirPods etc. Best of luck. Be ready for the summary of WWDC after the event

Akarshit Mahajan



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