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Milyin | 7th December, 2018

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Milyin has a lot of updates, changes and reconfigured workarounds for better working. Milyin has opened up comments section for Creations to public. Non registered user can also now comment on Milyin. 

We have shifted our hosting to a bigger and more performance oriented hosting for better user experience for our customers. Another great change for users is change of font. Rather than classic Roboto font we are now using Poppins font for we feel it looks cool.

we have also updated ourselves to the just released wordpress 5.0 The major highlight of the new update is the new text editor. We are working on a way to incorporate it into frontend of Milyin also.

The dark theme that released on our 6th month aniversary has receieved a lot of love. And ever since we have been working to improve and optimize it further to perfect colors.

we have also again brought back the creation guide with newer and improved tips.

Another amazing thing from design aspect has been the login and register forms. the forms had that ugly looking grey border on all side, that should have gone long ago, though late but still has finally gone, and newer beautiful form fields look stunning.

Wish newer hosting another major change and improvement we had is in the side of support and help pages. We have shifted the help pages to the newly launched subdomain

With better interface and easier to use interface we want to insure that any problem you face is solved at the easiest possible way.

The header image for pages like login page etc, has been changed. This new image is also visible on the civer photos of Milyin’s social media profile.

We have optimized, improved and reworked our databases so that your security can be improved. We have changed the database prefix again to a more complicated and unpredictable one.

We have reworked the new creations page. We have made it full width. When viewed on desktop earlier it used to occupy lesser space, giving people a small area to write but now the full width template provide enough area for writting creations easily. 


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