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this is my own writing. but has already been published in my very own book 'the glory in uncertainity' by bookleaf publications.

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They say,

High on the mountains, hands in the air,

She brushes their cheeks, making them flush.

She whisks them off into some dream,

Like to the eventuality which is forever unseen.

They say,

near the ocean, under the sun.

He melts away all the coldness leaving nothing undone.

He paves the path for the new change to enter,

Like fot the butterflies coming out after the winter.

So I set my bag, to feel the euphoria.

Not the most of it,but least to feel something.

Yet, i went all the trail in vain,

NO, its not the pain ,

But the emptiness again.

FIlling every corner ,

Neither brighter nor darker.

South and north , east and west,

I wandered everywhere,still no answer for my quest.

CHERUKURI LAKSHMI SUDHEERALast Seen: Jul 12, 2023 @ 5:47am 5JulUTC



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