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Hard to Escape

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There have been a time

When she craved for him

But the scope of being together 

Was already dim.

Still she tried

Giving it a chance

Even though the situation was 

Nothing more than a trance.

Everything was well

Until she felt

It shouldn’t be the way

As it went.

After consideration 

She realised

Why she is always the one

Who compromised.

She took a pause

To be the one he wants

But there has been something

Which continuously haunts.

He would wait!

She always had this hope

He left her!

While she was trying to cope.

He lost the diamond

Which took some time to be in its shape

Although it seems simple

But its hard to escape


Sanjana ChatterjeeLast Seen: Jul 5, 2023 @ 9:56am 9JulUTC

Sanjana Chatterjee


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