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3rd July 2024 | 6 Views

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I felt it the first time I kissed u 

I knew it since day one that there was going to be something special between us. I mean, I think I always knew the moment we met. I was comfortable with you the way I am with people that have known me for years.

And when you grabbed me and kissed me I felt all the sparks. All the electricity that could light up a blacked out city was found right at that moment. 🤣🤣Something stirred inside of me, and it was the feeling of being loved back.🥺🤞

we met half way I was yours and you were mine. And nothing felt more liberating that Loving someone who loves you back, for I was so used to being abandoned before you came along. My entire being has awaken with a new soul, knowing that you are right here when I open my eyes.❤️🌹

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